Thanks to everyone who answered my refrigerator question!!!

Here is the result of taking the advice from everyone who commented on my refrigerator question! It was very difficult to find to right containers to fit because this fridge is very small and has some weird shape to it on the inside, but I did my best and here's hoping things stay fresher and organized!! Thanks again!

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      • Kimberly Schafer
        Kimberly Schafer Oak Harbor, WA
        on Aug 7, 2013

        I'm not really feeling the green stackable shelves but they were the only ones that fit :/ but its been about 4days now and So far it's all proving to work nicely. I have less room for left over food containers, but that's not such a bad thing, because now it helps me to eliminate left over food that typically goes to waste anyways.

        • Z
          on Aug 8, 2013

          I like the little green bins. Too cute. It looks like you did a great job Kim.