Asked on Aug 9, 2013

How can I make my sheets softer. . . quickly?

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Yesterday I bought new sheets, washed them, made the bed and was very depressed to crawl into a bed of loofah instead of the nice soft feel of cotton. In fact, they felt better before I washed them. Is there a way to soften them up quickly?
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  • Becky (J) P
    on Aug 9, 2013

    I think I am the only one who likes crisp sheets. The crisper the better.

  • Try soaking the sheets in a cup of vinegar. Fill the washer with water, vinegar and the sheets then soak for about an hour - then wash.

  • Small Talk Mama
    on Aug 9, 2013

    I don't mind crisp, but I sure don't like rough. I'll try the vinegar idea, thanks.

  • My daughter uses vinegar in the laundry all the time. With new items, she soaks it in vinegar water for about 30 to 60 minutes which she swears will preserve the color. Good luck.

  • Small Talk Mama
    on Aug 10, 2013

    Thanks, Judy. I'll definitely try the vinegar soak.

  • Larose LoganOakes
    on Aug 10, 2013

    Hello Small Talk Mama! The roughness of the sheet depends on the thread count. The higher the count the softer the sheets will be. I never buy any sheets with less than 500 threads per inch because they are soo soft.People use lower thread counts in the summer months to allow more air to flow through the sheets to help keep them cooler in the heat.The higher the thread count the tighter the weave and the softer the sheets will be and the warmer you will be. You will find that the sheets with the lower thread counts cost less but they do not last as long as the higher thread count sheets.Oh and by the way the white vinegar will set the dye in your sheets. It is a good idea to use the vinegar when washing new jeans so when you wear them in warmer weather they don't turn your legs blue.Enjoy!:)

  • Dfm
    on Feb 19, 2016

    cotton or cotton blend? i've had a few of the less expensive "blend" sheets that actually melt a bit in a laundry mat dryer, becoming stiff and rough.

  • Small Talk Mama
    on Feb 20, 2016

    I know all about cottons and blends and thread counts, but what I'm looking for is the soft cool feeling of my grandmother's sheets that have been washed hundreds of times.

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