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Nina F
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Asked on Aug 10, 2013

HELP! Brown heat mark on unfinished wood island top

KMS Woodworks


How do I get rid of a brownish heat mark from a hot pan on an unfinished wooden block island? I've tried the mayo tick with no results. Any suggestions?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Aug 10, 2013

    The wood has been "burned" and will need to be sanded out...You are lucky in that the wood in unfinished. If you have access to a Random Orbit sander I would start with some 120 grit and work out the burn...being careful not to work to intensely in one sopt and feather the edges out a bit. When I work in my shop I will sometimes get "burn" marks on hard maple from my table saw blade ( this can be due to being dull / dirty or from "binding" due to tension in some of the wood grain) I simply sand these dark areas away. Once you have sanded the spot out ( or the whole top to even up any patina or color diffs...treat the whole thing with some butcher block oil.

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