Protect from Cane Borers - Tree Kote or ?

I have a big issue with cane borers in my area and the roses. I use Tree Kote to protect the pruned ends. But it makes such a mess - and so hard to work with. It seems after using the bottle 3 or 4 times the lid becomes impossible to open.
I have read that people use nail polish - and I did try wood glue one year - that did not work so well.
Anyone use the nail polish? Does it have to be a clear?
I know there are other products on the market - none of the Garden Centers here really recommend them -
So I am looking for less messy, easier (yet effecive) method of protecting the canes after pruning.
Appreciate any feedback and suggestions,
protect from cane borers tree kote or, gardening, Typical Tree Kote for pruned rose Looking for less messy easier yet effecive method
Typical Tree Kote for pruned rose. Looking for less messy, easier (yet effecive) method.
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