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DIY Vintage Airplane Dresser

My lil mooch needed a new dresser for his "big boy room". He wanted planes and trains on everything. So I pulled out a vintage waterfall dresser and got to work.
First I had to strip this guy. I used soy gel stripper and made repairs to the drawers and frame.
After cleaning up from the stripper and a light sanding, I pulled out some colored gel stains to get to work.
I first used Unicorn SPiT in the three trees collection to stain the entire dresser.
The body of the dresser I went ahead and sealed with General Finishes Arm r Seal over the stained Unicorn SPiT.
Then I found the plane my son picked out and using the picture for reference centered my design and started drawing the outline.
I mixed several custom colors for the plane using UnicornSpit.
I painted each drawer by lining them up together on the floor.
Once the plane was done I installed new hardware from D Lawless Hardware and sealed all the drawers with Arm r Seal.
All finished!
He loves it and we even found a few vintage planes online to hang from the ceiling.

Materials used for this project:

  • Unicorn SPiT   (Renaissance Lady)
  • Arm r Seal   (General Finishes)
  • Hardware   (D Lawless Hardware)

To see more: http://www.facebook.com/jburnsdesign

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