Asked on Aug 11, 2013

How to clean a mini oven with convection

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I don't use the large oven anymore. I have a small Cuisinart oven/toaster/broiler, but mostly oven use. But even though the trays are covered sometimes grease or oil bakes on oven pan. Very hard to clean. Tried the baking soda soak and scrub. Didn't work.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Aug 11, 2013

    I have found some good elbow grease and a green kitchen scrubbie will work very well. Once you get them cleaned up you can use some Aluminum foil to line the trays for the messier foods. Then after a number of uses you can just toss out the foil and reline.

  • Lancet B
    on Aug 11, 2013

    I use all these solutions now. Was hoping for a spray on or soaking solution.

  • If the pans are not made of aluminum you can spray them with oven cleaner and place in a plastic bag for several hours. Ammonia also works well for this. Soak in tight bag then remove slight scrubbing and rinse. works like a charm. We do this for our stove top cast iron burners. Always removes the burnt on gunk.

  • Kit10936471
    on Nov 18, 2016

    How about the sides and roof of the oven? Will liquids cause damage ? I really don't want to spray oven cleaner into the air...

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