Spiders and Snakes, Oh My!

Today in my gardening adventures I came across these treasures -- snake shed or snake skin left behind; a spider the size of my head. Ok, not my head but d@~# it was big and a multitude of holes along the top of the creek. Like snake holes, maybe? I just want to have flowers!! They are all part of the food chain, but geesh, they scare a girl ya' know?
Top - snake skin. Bottom left - spider and it's bag o' babies Bottom right - snake holes. Yikes!
I'm minding my own business, pulling weeds and what do I grab -- Part of the snake shed. The other part fell off. Oh yeah, and I got dive bombed by wasps. What a day!

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  • Ruthie Ruthie on May 23, 2014
    Hi Julie, know the feeling been there myself when I visit my dad in the Caribbean and work on his neglected yard...I am constantly looking for environmentally safe ideas to rid of snakes and spiders in the yard...but they are part of the land. We also get lots of scorpions and centipedes. They all love "humidity" and dark/warm areas. My dad's house is very humid and tall trees cover the sunlight in a certain area of his house and this is where we or I find these earthly creatures! My advise, make sure you ware gloves, long sleeves and long pants tight at the ankles. Protect yourself from any bites that might be dangerous to your life. Safe gardening, Julie
  • Julie J Julie J on May 24, 2014
    @Ruthie -- scorpions! I'm glad we don't have to deal with those here. The snakes and spiders are bad enough. Last week I uncovered a water moccasin when I was moving part of a rock wall. I hope your dad is careful, too. I do wear leather gloves, but not always long sleeves. My brother just asked me if I had an anti-venom kit... Thanks and happy gardening to you too, @Ruthie !
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