Asked on Aug 12, 2013

Tomato butt

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Why do some of my tomatoes get this weird line? It looks like a tomato butt. . .
tomato butt
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 13, 2013

    Your "tomato butt" is really longitudinal cracking,which is caused by the skin hardening during times of dry soil and then being unable to expand when the soil is wet: in other words, uneven watering.

  • Catherine Smith
    on Aug 14, 2013

    Douglas is right ;)

  • Mary
    on Aug 14, 2013

    What do they call it and the reason if the cracking is around the top part of the tomato in a circle?

  • Sherrie
    on Aug 14, 2013

    I have had a lot of cracked tomato's and black spots. We have had so much rain I haven't been able to get into the garden and pick and re-tie out any tomato's that have become loose.

  • Ginny B
    on Aug 14, 2013

    Sorry to" butt" in but I love hearing all the garden advice from you Douglas. You must be an avid gardener and you seem to always be spot on. Thanks

  • Marianne Cerrito
    on Aug 14, 2013

    sooooo funny--- ' tomato butt'!! :D

  • Mary
    on Aug 14, 2013

    Thanks Douglas! I wasn't sure.

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