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Before and After: Grey and White Traditional Bathroom Makeover

Yay! It’s before and after bathroom day! I honestly thought this day might never come! We started this renovation in our master bathroom in October of 2014, so yeah, about 15 months ago, and now we’re finally ready-ish to look back on all the scary “before” pictures and pat ourselves on the back for just how far we’ve come! It’s been a year of a lot of work, and a lot of pickyness on our parts as we tried to make this room absolutely perfect for our family, but now we can finally say it was all totally worth it. Well, mostly.
Here is the finished product.... I love that this room is super fancy (by my standards at least!) and traditional in style, but it still feels fresh and approachable and totally like “us”. I always think you know you’ve done a really good job designing a room when it becomes really easy to decorate it and make it look good, almost no matter what you try.
We also decided to install heated flooring, which you can read all about here!
This is a "before" photo of our bathroom.... Keep in mind that this is after the bathroom had been completely abandoned for a few months.. so it’s a disaster! We basically just left our stuff in there, closed the door, and started using the other bathroom. We took these pictures the day before we started ripping everything out.
We actually hired some help (well, I made Chris hire some help) to gut the room because I was nervous about mold and stuff like that from water damage.
This was the vanity area. Disaster. I really don’t miss the pink paint with the maroon wallpaper border, believe it or not!
This is how our vanity looks now! It is one of the main focal points in this room, which I was extra-super-duper lucky to have provided to me by KraftMaid. It’s just full of amazing storage solutions too, which you can read more about here!
I may have gone a little overboard in my designs for the tile, which we installed ourselves. We have large 12x24 natural slate tiles on the floor, which are heated underneath, beveled white subway tile halfway up the walls, and then a marble herringbone patterned backsplash. That backsplash took a painstaking amount of work because of all of the tiny little cuts needed to get all the edges perfect, but the detail around the top of the beveled subway tile was actually the most expensive part of the whole tile-scheme. We have a little marble mosaic detail topped with a chair rail made from ceramic. That chair rail is definitely beautiful, but those are some of the most expensive tiles! I think I would probably just use wood painted in gloss if I were to do something like this again. :)
Be sure to click on the link below to see the full details of this unique bathroom makeover, and for even more before and after photos!

Materials used for this project:

  • Tile   (local store)
  • Cabinetry   (KraftMaid)
  • Heated flooring system   (Home Depot)

To see more: http://www.creeklinehouse.com/2016/01/before-and-after-grey-and-white-traditional-bathroom-makeover.html

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