How to Add Dramatic Elegance With a Color-Changing Lamp

I met the DIYer who invented the concept of the color-changing lamp in the 80s. When he was ready to sell them, the box stores insisted he get the price down as low as possible. So now we can all buy one, cheaply, but ya know: you get what you pay for.
Great Concept, but feels cheap
I also happened to have a thrift-store glass vase which I had transformed into a treasure-catcher. Bits of driftwood, shells, feathers and stones -- set up to be pretty from all angles. It needed a new friend.
Nature elements in glass vase
Put the two together and you have a Real Class Act! Extra elegance. Extrelegance!
I like that the cord now raises to the height of most plugs now too. Looks classy instead of cheap. The treasure catcher base can be changed to show off whatever little things you love: photos or fun objects to set off the room.
TIP: Use a piece of driftwood to catch objects at more interesting angles so they don't all just fall to the bottom.
You can let it change colors constantly, or dial in any color on the spectrum including Hometalk Teal.
Mood light color drifts into hall too
I chose to set it up in the guest bath. Something fun to watch while you're just sitting... It throws pretty colors over the walls that spills onto photos I enjoy -- my daughter's photos that we epoxied & set over encaustic boxes that hold souvenir stones from the places we visited together -- (maybe a future post?)
The colors also glow into the two adjacent rooms -- dramatic & FUN!

Suggested materials:

  • Cylindrical Glass vase  (Thrift Store $5)
  • Glow-Ball lamp  (Home Depot $19.95)
  • Little token treasures: shells, photos, rocks, driftwood, feathers, etc.  (nature walks or precious bits around the house?)

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  • Adele DuranGO
    Adele DuranGO
    on Oct 14, 2016

    This is my FAVORITE place to sit & relax inside -- wink-wink. Double the fun. So glad I thought of a way to uplift an under-appreciated room!

  • Cheryll
    on Feb 27, 2017

    Hi, Since the top of the photo is cut off can you explain please where the cord is going to the wall outlet?

    • Adele DuranGO
      Adele DuranGO
      on Mar 31, 2017

      The outlet is right on the other side of the lamp. You can see it peaking under the globe, behind the glass vase. Glad you can't see it; that is intentional. ;)

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