Asked on Aug 13, 2013

DIY Metal Roofing

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Considering installing vertical seam panel metal roofing, as opposed to the usual asphalt or composite shingles. Is this a d-i-y kind of project? Anyone out there tackled this one? If so, pointers, hints, results, etc?
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  • If it was a garden shed, then I would say go for it. But a metal house roof, not really a DIY type of project. There are special seaming and metal working tools that are used to secure the overlaps, and working on this type of roof makes it dangerous if your roof is fairly steep. In addition you need a few people to assist you. The panels although pretty tough can bend pretty easy causing the seams to go out of alignment fast, thus making install more difficult. Lastly these roofs can get pretty hot in the sun. So you need to work fast in the early AM and late afternoon because you will simply cook on the roof as the heat is reflected back into your face. Once installed they do last a long time. I would assume you living in TX your thinking of this because of the high winds blowing the normal shingle tiles off of the roof, plus the hail storms beating up them as well? The metal roof is subject to the dame damage. The Hail will destroy the finished surface creating all sorts of dents and chips, and wind if it gets under the panels, will remove the roof in short order creating a flying knife. I would stick to the normal asphalt or consider a roof as Euroshake suggests.

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