Laundry DIY Makeover

I have been wanting to accomplish a whole room makeover and what's better than the smallest room in the house? The Laundry! Here are some steps of the one month long weekend project :)
This is what we had:
- Builder's beige paint
- Wire shelving
- Vinyl floors
- No storage
- No folding space
First I dragged out the appliances and pulled up the floor. I was so lucky! No fuss, the glue was totally dried up and came up easy-peasy. Then I painted the room with Sherwin Williams Silvermist. Had I done it again, I would ask for a 50% lightened version but I am still happy with the color.
I bought 2 unfinished oak wall cabinets at Home Depot for $54 each. Got some bead board and covered the sides and the doors, added some trim and painted the cabinets with a color that was matched off of the door and trim (which turned out a little too dark/cream to my liking but live and learn).
You can see the side of the cabinet here. I added the board and some trim.
The doors just needed the boards cut in the middle.
Caulked, primed and painted them.
Hung them on the wall. This was a bit of a challenge as the room is awfully NOT square, LOL. Took some measuring and at the end I decided to Go from the ceiling.
Added a closet rod in the middle for cloth-hangers.
Then finished it up with a shelf on top, plus a piece of crown molding attached to it, to make it look built in. That $10 and hour of work made a huge difference!
Ugh, tiling! NOT MY FAVORITE! First time laying tile and run into a total catastrophe, took me 3 hours to lay 5 pieces of tile. Finally gave up and asked for some help.
I did the grout myself, that was a little bit easier. :)
Bought some better looking molding and installed them.
Then finished up with a folding station that is a $26 hollow core door cut to size, held up by 2x4 screwed onto the wall around.
And DONE! Please let me know what you think :) Thank you!

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