Asked on Aug 15, 2013

Stone walkway

Jud1016678Therese C


we have a nice stone walkway in front of our house that has been there for several years. It's under trees and always looks dirty. We have power washed several times, but it only stays clean a few days. The stone is slate, bluestone, or something like that. Is there a product that would "seal" the stone to keep it clean longer? Thanks Hometalkers!
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  • Therese C
    on Aug 15, 2013

    Home Depot sells a clear sidewalk sealant that protects against salt as well as seals the sidewalk. It should make it to where you can simply 'hose off' the walk rather then to use a power washer.

  • Jud1016678
    on Jun 15, 2015

    We pressure wash once a year!

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