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Easy Ornament Wreath for Christmas

A wreath is classic Christmas decor. Make this easy DIY wreath using inexpensive ornaments. And the best part- no hot glue gun required!
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
You’ve likely sent these ornament wreaths in the home decor store or on Pinterest. When I have seen the “how to” on these, they often include a hot glue gun. I have a love hate relationship with my hot glue gun. So I wanted to see if I could make one of these festive wreaths- without it!
I started with a package of inexpensive plastic ornaments that I had actually gotten on clearance the year before. Need ornaments? You can find a wide selection of shatterproof ornaments here. You will also need a wire hanger, with the top opened up. Use pliers to “unwrap” the wire at the hook, but leave hook bent.
Then it’s as simple as threading the ornaments onto the hanger wire. You can choose a pattern, but I actually think the “random” look is better for this project. When you have filled the hangar, re-wrap the end at the base of the hook. Then you can use the hook to hang the wreath. I covered my hook end with a pre-made gift bow (also on clearance). But you could use scrap ribbon as well.
Voila! It’s that easy! And even better, it always gets compliments too! See more tips on how to make a DIY Ornament wreath on Mission to Save and more of my Christmas ideas too!

Materials used for this project:

  • Hanger   (repurposed)
  • Plastic ornaments   (Big Lots)
  • Gift Bow   (Big Lots)

To see more: http://missiontosave.com/easy-diy-ornament-wreath-hot-glue-gun-required/

  • Sylvia.fenn
    on Aug 30, 2016

    Wow! What a great and easy idea. Even children could make one. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia

  • Mary
    Mary Columbus, OH
    on Aug 30, 2016

    Thanks Sylvia.fenn! Yes, definitely one to get the kids involved with.

  • Lisa Marczak
    Lisa Marczak East Brunswick, NJ
    on Sep 1, 2016

    Make sure to glue caps onto ornaments before putting on the wire or they might pop off then you have a wreath of ornament hangers!!

    • Mary
      Mary Columbus, OH
      on Sep 1, 2016

      Good point Lisa. I think it really just depends on the brand of ornaments you get. I have only had one or two pop off.

  • Jenny Fischer
    Jenny Fischer Richardson, TX
    on Sep 1, 2016

    Omg! Brilliant! I'm like you, love/hate glue gun!

    • Mary
      Mary Columbus, OH
      on Sep 1, 2016

      YES! My fingers cry every time they see it come out! ;)

  • Kimberley Kelley
    Kimberley Kelley Little Falls, NY
    on Sep 2, 2016

    You can also put the balls through fine wire, 3 or 4 at a time and then tie the wire to the hanger.I use floral wire.

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