How can I repair falling sheet rock ceilings?

Small (750 sq ft,) house built in the 60's, with peeling of several coats of paint.
q how can i repair falling sheet rock ceilings , home maintenance repairs, minor home repair, Peeling blistering paint No roof leaks husband is roofer New shingles 2 or ago
Peeling, blistering paint. No roof leaks-husband is roofer. New shingles 2 or ago.
q how can i repair falling sheet rock ceilings , home maintenance repairs, minor home repair, Condensation No roof vent
Condensation? No roof vent.
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  • Trudy Connor Trudy Connor on Aug 21, 2016
    You need to replace the sheet rock, water intrusion has damaged it over the years. You can also use spray foam insulation on the roof rafters.
  • Daw3000588 Daw3000588 on Aug 21, 2016
    Since your husband is a roofer he should know that there was probably a leak at sometime and if the roof just got new shingles or the sheeting was replaced too. Never the less the drywall will gave to be replaced.
  • William William on Aug 21, 2016
    I agree! The sheet will have to be replaced. Water/moisture damage. Looks like possible moisture from AC around the vent. If you have access to attic, look for black streaks on sheeting and rafters. Sign of water intrusion prior to new shingle installation. .
  • Marilyn Zaruba Marilyn Zaruba on Aug 21, 2016
    If your husband is a roofer, he is talented enough to replace sheetrock, but I would have him climb into the attic and see if there is old damage you are not aware of. We once looked at a house to buy and my husband went into the attic and there were badly burnt rafters in there. If you just want a quick fix, try spraying it with water and see if you can scrape off the plaster or paint or whatever is on the sheetrock, but I would just put in a new ceiling. Would not be very expensive.
  • Deb Greenwold Deb Greenwold on Aug 21, 2016
    I agree that the sheetrock will have to be replaced. With that much water damage (condensation from A/C? or previous leaks?) there is a good possibility of mold. You will have to get that out of there. Sorry, no simple fix for what you have going on. Good luck.
  • Lee7884337 Lee7884337 on Aug 21, 2016
    The drywall must be replaced. Mold remediation in ceiling. Then after drywall replacement mud and sand to finish for painting.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Aug 21, 2016
    Be careful if you are removing the ceiling. That mold can do some serious damage to you and family. It does have to go. While it's down have someone come in and clean the a/c since that is one reason it has a lot of condensation. No doubt ducts will have lots of dust in them. I also recommend you paint the ceiling rafters before you start with the new sheetrock. Actually I know one guy that put cheap panneling, back side facing the room and then painted with sand paint. Swirled it around for a design.
  • Liz Straughn Liz Straughn on Aug 22, 2016
    Drywall has to be removed and replaced. A roof vent is essential for proper ventilation.
  • Veronica Ronnie Taylor Veronica Ronnie Taylor on Aug 22, 2016
    Scrape as much as you can trowel on joint compound make a popcorn ceiling or any design you like. with different trowels...I used a whisk broom and made designs with worked out well and no mess with the drywall and for thought...
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