Asked on Aug 17, 2013

How do I get rid of bindweed?

Douglas Hunt


we live on the edge of a cornfield and our garden is along our property line-I think the bindweed is coming from the field. How do I get rid of this stuff? it has choked out my peppers and cukes-it seems to steer clear of the tomatoes
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 17, 2013

    If you cannot pull the bindweed, paint its leaves using a foam brush dipped in either an herbicide containing glyphosate or a vinegar-based herbicide. Remember that both of these options are non-selective, meaning they will kill your peppers and cucumbers as well as the bindweed. For this reason you may want to try to lift the bindweed vines and slide sheets of newspaper between it and the underlying plants. I'm afraid you may have to repeat this process more than once to achieve control.

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