No one wants to get stung and wasps are bloody annoying! Come spring they are out in droves building their paper nests. Then all summer long they just become the worst pests around.
It all started with a walk around the corner of my house when I spotted this. A small piece of chicken wire. Then with the chicken wire in hand I spotted this. Another ruined store bought fake wasp nest.
I love these fake wasp nests as they deter the wasps from building new nests in the spring around your house. Trouble is they just do not hold up in the wind. I pay $20.00 for 2 and they have to be replaced several times over the wasp building season. Plus you need at least 4. One for each house corner and 2 around the shed. It gets kinda pricey. So I had the brilliant idea to make my own.
I started by shaping the chicken wire into a wasp nest shape and added wire to the top where it would hang. Make sure you wear gloves that stuff is brutal and you will poke yourself many times. Next step was cutting up strips of fabric to cover the chicken wire. It is the same procedure as paper mache, but I am using fabric and white glue. I am hoping this will make it durable.
I used a ratio of 3 parts glue to one part water in a large bowl. I then dropped some of the fabric strips in the bowl. Then one by one squeezed the excess glue off the strips and applied it to the chicken wire form. I had to do this in two stages as the bottom half fell off while it was hanging to dry. I worked with it while it was in a pot to hold it sturdy and not roll around.
Next I cut more fabric strips but using white cotton as the second layer so it would be easier to paint. The second layer goes on easier as it is now adhering to the first layer of fabric as opposed to the chicken wire.
I got a little fancy on this second layer and if you want to see how that was done just pop over to my blog for the full instructions. Next it was time to paint. I used grey primer spray paint as it was a lighter shade of grey than I could find in the regular canned spray paint. Then I added more detail by dry brushing on some acrylic craft paint.
After this step was done I painted on a final coat of the watered down white glue and finished off with 3 coats of exterior matte spray sealer.
This was quite a bit of work but it was fun work and I was able to incorporate some of my crafting abilities so it did not seem like work to me. Now I have to go make some more. I have a whole winter to make these to be ready for the spring. Lets hope it fools the wasps!

Suggested materials:

  • Chiken wire
  • Scrap cotton fabric
  • White glue
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  • Terri
    on Sep 19, 2017

    When spring starts and those icky wasps start getting busy I keep an eye out for where they hang out.
    Once I know I wait til evening/dusk because they slow down a lot at that time of day. Then I mix Dawn dish soap and water (I use lots of Dawn, probably too much lol but I don't care); then I go and douse the area(s) where I watched them over the course of days and wall-a bye bye you pesky suckers!
    Be sure to check under the eaves and on fences. This year they fooled me because they built a nest that got pretty big up in a tight corner that I luckily saw before it got too too big.....I sprayed it from inside the house and was shocked at how many I killed with my Dawn spray over a few days, whew!

    Keep in mind it's important to get a handle on the situation early in the spring before they are able to build their nests because come Sept/Oct I read they become very aggressive, yikes!

    Now I need to learn how to keep the squirrels from having babies while living under the wood under my hot tub! 🤔
  • Marijke Hauwert
    on Aug 29, 2018

    I am impressed its very ingeneous, but a lot of work. I kept it very easy and bought beetraps, 2 sizes to be placed in all the open spaces between the stones of a brick wall. You can buy them online, look for beetrap or else see what they offer as a solution for keeping bees and wasps out of your house. I live in Holland so I am not sure what solutions they give for keeping those very usefull but stinging beasts outside.

    But I like your creation very much thank for offering the share and I hope I gave someone another solution,

    goodbye to you aal Marijke Hauwert Almere

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