Asked on Aug 18, 2013

Do Peace Roses Usually Get Very Tall?

Karen JacksonCatherine SmithDouglas Hunt


I planted this peace rose last year and it dropped all it's leaves and I thought it would die. It finally grew some leaves and bloomed a couple of times in late fall. This year it has grown to over 8' tall and has bloomed all summer with only one bloom to each stem. I was expecting a bushy rose. Is this normal?
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 19, 2013

    Peace was introduced in France in 1942 and has been one of the world's most popular roses nearly ever since. It is a hybrid tea, which means it is a pretty upright plant with generally sparse foliage. I have never heard of one being 8 feet high, however. It should be more like 5 feet, tops. Does the bloom match what it should look like? If you purchased a grafted rose, it is possible the graft died and the rootstock took over, but the flower would look different in that case.

  • Catherine Smith
    on Aug 19, 2013

    This is also a "young" rose bush. It takes 3 years for them to become established. I've not heard of that variety getting so tall, either. If you could provide pictures that would help us try and figure out what's going on. As Douglas pointed out, it could be the graft died and what you have is the "parent" plant.

  • Karen Jackson
    on Aug 19, 2013

    I downloaded a picture when I posted this but the picture didn't show up with the post.

    • Douglas Hunt
      on Aug 20, 2013

      @Karen Jackson Click on edit your post, then, underneath, click on "add photos or video."

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