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Debi Sayer
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Asked on Aug 18, 2013

Cleaning mold spots off outdoor cushions

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HELP!!! How in the world do I clean black mold spots off outdoor cushions? I have tried a number of things and nothing works.
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  • Lois Walls
    on Aug 18, 2013

    Alittle bit of bleach & some warm water should do the trick

  • Debi Sayer
    on Aug 18, 2013

    But won't bleach damage the colors on the cushions? The cushions are striped.

  • Judith Demaestri
    on Aug 19, 2013

    Hydrogen peroxide kills mold,just spray it on,but color test in a safe spot first.

  • Beatrice Tangeman
    on Mar 23, 2015

    Dish soap and a soft brush then hangover fence spray rinse with garden hose and let the sun brighten them.

  • Wanda Arganbright
    on Jun 2, 2015

    Mix 1 part Dawn dish soap, 1 part peroxide and 2 parts water. Pour in spray bottle and spray cushions. Let set about 5 min. the use sprayer on hose and spray until any sign of suds are gone. Clean cushions at least once a month with this solution.

  • Capernius
    on Jun 2, 2015

    Vinegar. It cleans, sanitizes, & eats mold for breakfast. I have never known vinegar to mess with the colors of fabrics and/or outdoor cushions. spray it on, leave it sit for about 10 minutes, then hose it off to rinse. sometimes you may have to scrub a wee bit, but in my experience, that is rare.

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