What is this plant?

This plant is in a neighbor's yard. They don't speak much English and I seldom see them, anyway, but I'm curious what it is. The leaves are large, it has curly tendrils and has yellow flowers.
q this plant is in a neighbor s yard they don t speak much english and, gardening, plant id
q this plant is in a neighbor s yard they don t speak much english and, gardening, plant id
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  • Ann Robertson Ann Robertson on Aug 21, 2016
    looks like Kudzu
  • Gayla Peacock Crowley Gayla Peacock Crowley on Aug 21, 2016
    Yellow squash!
  • Fabiola Garcia Fabiola Garcia on Aug 21, 2016
    By the yellow flower, I think is yellow squash.
  • Anita Elaine Anita Elaine on Aug 21, 2016
    First pic showed purple flowers made me think Kudzu also; but yellow blooms do look like squash. Curious? ThymeSquareGardens says it is Luffa. Their blog has the same vines, leaves and blooms.
  • Pwi8274664 Pwi8274664 on Aug 21, 2016
    Maybe you could knock on their door and ask them about it. Tell them what you think it is, then tear out any of it that is coming onto your property. They might thank you for the heads up.
  • Joan LeVasseur Joan LeVasseur on Aug 21, 2016
    I see that there are many people asking about different plants and I would like to make a suggestion. I have had very good luck asking the local Botanical Gardens what the heck is growing in my garden. If you have one near you I think they would be very happy to help you.
  • Michele Lagoutte Michele Lagoutte on Aug 22, 2016
    It looks like: Elephant Ear Plant
  • Michelle Michelle on Aug 22, 2016
    It is Kudzu it will take over quickly if not taken care of grows like wildfire
  • Michelle Michelle on Aug 22, 2016
    Creeping Jenny, Lysimachi nummularia is a ground cover that can really take over and is hard to eradicate.
  • Gail Hoge Gail Hoge on Aug 22, 2016
    The yellow showing through the first photo looks like yellow squash to me.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 22, 2016
    I agree looks like yellow squash. It definitely is not elephant ears or creeping jenny.
  • Fi Fleming Fi Fleming on Aug 22, 2016
    yep thats a pumpkin or squash
  • Ann Robertson Ann Robertson on Aug 22, 2016
    I have to change my knee jerk reaction about it being kudzu. As pointed out, Kudzu has a purple bloom.. I think it is luffa.
  • Noel Noel on Aug 22, 2016
    Looks like yellow squash to me as well.
  • Dol7372389 Dol7372389 on Aug 22, 2016
    I think it might be luffa (sp?) the squash that is skinned and dried and used as a body scrab in shower.
  • Jgp7610854 Jgp7610854 on Aug 22, 2016
    The flowers are too small for squash, it's cucumbers. The tendrils are to climb.
  • TinaLouise TinaLouise on Aug 22, 2016
    It looks like Chinese cucumber , the fruit looks similar to a zucchini.
  • GM48056491 GM48056491 on Aug 22, 2016
    I have Dragon Gourds that look like that.
  • Ruth Grimley Ruth Grimley on Aug 22, 2016
    There is an app called "MyGardenAnswers" you can take a picture of a flower or a plant, ask an expert, or search by name. I'm enjoying it.
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Aug 22, 2016
    Identify this plant.com would be able to help.By the photo it looks like cucumber or pumpkin.Also could be any others in that family of veg.The Chinese have also a trumpet flower that grows on these.The flower is used for SO many things!
  • Rra5427595 Rra5427595 on Aug 22, 2016
    Its call bitter melon, taste is very bitter but so good for you.
  • Derri Derri on Aug 22, 2016
    Some kind of squash
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 22, 2016
    Yup, looks like yellow squash. : )
  • Patty Hoffman Iles Patty Hoffman Iles on Aug 22, 2016
    Yellow squash doesn't have the tendrils.
  • Jennifer Gibbons Jennifer Gibbons on Aug 22, 2016
    Looks like squash
  • Connie Mar Connie Mar on Aug 22, 2016
    could be a type of melon or cucumber. Watch to see what the yellow flowers turn into, assuming they have been pollinated there will be some type of "fruit".
  • ObiaMan ObiaMan on Aug 22, 2016
    Not yellow squash. Looks like a melon or even cucumber. But looking at how huge it is, it could be a "weed." I've seen something like that that grew a sort of little unedible cucumber/melon and they just grow wild. I can't remember what kudzu looks like but it grows like that where it takes over everything.
  • Sharee Reed Sharee Reed on Aug 22, 2016
    Could be a type of wild gourd. We used to have some on a hillside when we moved to our home.
  • Rhondabelden Rhondabelden on Aug 22, 2016
    I agree with the gourd idea. Might even have edible gourds later.
  • Jerry bell Jerry bell on Aug 22, 2016
    It is squash if u look closely u can see it in first pic ;)
  • Louise Louise on Aug 22, 2016
    The home where this is growing is owned by Asians and the rest of their yard is meticulously kept. I can't imagine they'd let a weed grow like that. Maybe it's an Asian version of a squash or cucumber, or something more exotic. Next time I see someone outside when I pass by, I'll have a stab at finding out what it is.
  • Jean Soderquist Jean Soderquist on Aug 22, 2016
    GourdS or melons. Jean Soderquist
  • Cindy Cindy on Aug 22, 2016
    looks like a wild cucumber. does not produce edible fruit so it is best to pull it out before it takes over. It will climb on anything and wind around trees, bushes, decks, etc.
  • Beth Doonan-Klein Beth Doonan-Klein on Aug 22, 2016
    I agree with Cindy. My mom has a neighbor that has this in their yard. It has climbed a tree and killed it because it just takes over. :(
  • Vie9709016 Vie9709016 on Aug 22, 2016
    It might help to know your growing zone. Does it grow in sun or shade, rich soil or poor, wet of dry, etc.? Looks like a cucumber or squash, as you suggested. It is a good reason to go meet your neighbors.
  • EL Hoard EL Hoard on Aug 22, 2016
    • Louise Louise on Aug 23, 2016
      It's not kudzu. We have kudzu in two other non-inhabited parts of the neighborhood and this is very different.
  • Kim Pruitt Kim Pruitt on Aug 23, 2016
    Kudzu as above and also wild cucumbers. We see it here alot
    • Louise Louise on Aug 23, 2016
      I Googled for wild cucumber and the pix I saw have small white flowers. This has largish yellow flowers.
  • EL Hoard EL Hoard on Aug 23, 2016
    Okay sure seems to be covering everything up. Good luck
  • MM MM on Aug 24, 2016
    I have been growing different types of squash for years now. I've also grown cucumber which has similar viney strings. This however has got to be either zucchini or my first choice would be yellow squash. They may in fact, be growing more than just yellow. If you look at the first photo, that yellow bit does not look like flowers.
  • Judy Chan Judy Chan on Aug 24, 2016
    If they are Asian, it might be bitter melon. I have one growing that looks a lot like it.