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  • Joanne G
    Joanne G
    on Aug 21, 2013

    Cleans vases as well, sparkling clean.

  • Marie Mealy
    Marie Mealy Warren, OH
    on Aug 21, 2013

    coke also works for the muck u get on car windows while travling we used a 2 liter and it took all the muck off and looked like a new window but u want to get off paint job on car imedility

  • Linda reavis
    Linda reavis Powderly, TX
    on Aug 21, 2013

    coke will also remove grease and oil from garage floors. Pour 2 liter bottle of coke onto the garage floor and let sit until fizzing stops, scrub with a broom and rinse

  • Linda pudvah
    Linda pudvah Schenectady, NY
    on Aug 21, 2013

    cleans rust off battery terminals, too

  • Karen Darby
    Karen Darby Detroit, MI
    on Aug 21, 2013

    Coke cleans anything that has rust on it. Denture tablets also clean hard water stains off of glass and toothpaste is great for cleaning your jewerly.

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