13 Shocking Things You Can Do With Old Unwanted Books

You're going to want to keep all of your old books after seeing this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Fold the pages into incredible wall art

It looks so intricate but is actually very easy to create.

Roll them into an eye-popping wreath

This wreath works with any season, so you never have to take it down.

Or roll them into an open flower

The burlap piece in the middle totally doubles this as farm decor.

Cut out a book into cute pumpkins

Aren’t they just the perfect centerpieces for Thanksgiving?

Use pages to decoupage your dresser

This is so much cooler than just painting it.

Cut your book into an adorable snowman

The mix of winter and books will make you immediately want to cuddle up and read.

Glue book covers into a secret storage box

You would never know that these books were hiding your keys.

Wrap your book into a gorgeous paper flower

Imagine a whole bouquet of these on your mantel.

Weave book pages into an intricate star

These Swedish ornaments look complicated, but they make a big impact.

Stack books into a floating book shelf

Make it out of books for cute wall decor and a useful shelf.

Fold the pages into incredible decor

The designs with these pop-up pages are just mesmerizing.