Covering perforated ceiling tiles

Rather than run the risk of breaking our asbestos ceiling tiles upon removal, we would like to cover them. They are in a very tiny cabin bathroom. Any suggestions?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 25, 2016
    This was just posted,has a potential idea.
  • William William on Aug 25, 2016
    I agree with Janet! Would look great!
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 26, 2016
    Are you certain they are asbestos? Maybe test them first. A professional will be able to tell you. If they are asbestos, have a professional remove them to protect yourself and your family from incidental exposure. : )
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    • Leslie Leslie on Aug 30, 2016
      You are in California, call the state they may send someone for a nominal fee. If the tiles have been there since the 50's they may have already started to break down. You should not be doing anything to that ceiling till you get the question of asbestos out of the way but then you seem to be dismissing all of the warnings people are kindly giving to you which boggles my mind.
  • Jackie Hendricks Jackie Hendricks on Aug 26, 2016
    Oh yeah. That plank over a popcorn ceiling is a keeper for future reference!
  • Elwanna Elwanna on Aug 26, 2016
    Plank or pressed ceiling tiles really looks nice.
  • Paul Crawford Paul Crawford on Aug 26, 2016
    Have you tested them to make sure they are actually asbestos. I have been an asbestos inspector for over 25 years and have found very few that are.
    • Rhmacd Rhmacd on Aug 30, 2016
      The tiles are in a 1950's seasonal cabin in the mountains we bought a few years ago. The bathroom they are in is so small there are only about 30 of them. We are in the middle of nowhere and have no electricity. I'm sure they were put in for extra insulation. Do you still think they may not be asbestos?
  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 27, 2016
    Why would you keep asbestos ceiling tiles in your home if they are really asbestos. Seems to me you are taking a chance with the lives of your family and the people that may buy your home if you decide to sell it. I thought knowingly concealing asbestos is against the law. Before you cover anything please have it inspected. Asbestos is a known health hazard and carcinogen.
    • Rhmacd Rhmacd on Aug 30, 2016
      The tiles are in a very tiny remote no electricity cabin in the mountains we use occasionally from June to November. The bathroom where the tiles are is so small you can barely turn around in it. The previous owner had it for 50 years & we will probably be keeping it for sometime. Thank you for your concern.
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