Murals by GranArt

Here are a few wall murals I have done, large and small. I post this to inspire the one looking at her wall, in maybe her living room or baby's room, and wishing she could paint something magnificent on that wall but may feel she is not talented enough. Well, I say you are. Find the perfect picture, copy it to transparency film (most copy machines will copy that picture right to the transparency), then buy or borrow an overhead projector. Now plug it in and shoot that picture onto your wall. Move the machine forward or backward to enlarge the picture on the wall or use the control knobs on the projector to position it just right. Stand back and look at it and get comfortable with the overall look. Buy some semi gloss house paint in the two or three main colors you need. Buy a neutral color like white or cream and use acrylic craft paints to tint if you need more than two or three colors for the wall mural. This is a suggestion: For a nursery in an old church (sorry no pics to show) a friend and myself just took a black sharpie and outlined the whole scene of Snow White and a few of the dwarfs. Just like a coloring book. Then we took the basic colors of paint and painted-colored in the lines. Then went back over the lines to make it clean and crisp using the black sharpie. To add a little more depth, I highlighted areas like SW dress by taking the dress color that we used, toss in a little white paint to lighten it and just do a stroke or two on the dress with the lighter color. DONE! It was cute and simple and the kids loved it. Any picture you love can be placed on a wall and adding a few highlights and shadows makes it come alive. And if you don't like it, well paint over it and go at it again!
Barking Rocks Winery by GranArt, in Granbury, Texas - this is their logo they wanted painted on the wall of the counter.
Barking Rocks Winery Logo Mural by Gran Art,
Stone Ivy Basket Mural by GranArt,
Matador Ranch Wall Mural by GranArt was done for a client that lives in Pecan Plantation - Granbury, Texas
Matador Ranch Wall Mural by GranArt, closeup #2pic
Matador Ranch Wall Mural by GranArt - #3pic

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