These Are the Pantry Organizing Hacks That You've Been Waiting For

If your pantry is on the verge of being cringe-worthy, you're gonna want to see this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use L-shaped shelves for easy access

Short, shallow shelves are better than big, deep shelves, especially when you have a lot of stuff.

Keep a few shelves open for grab and go

Fruit and veggies or your every-day ingredients are perfect on these open shelves.

Store snacks in bins to keep foods separated

Making lunches are a whole lot easier when you can see everything in your pantry.

Build a mini shelf for more space

Split up that deep cabinet to see the little things in your pantry.

Add a column for tall items

Things like a broom and mop need a place in your kitchen, too.

Install hooks to hold pots and pans

Make your pantry doors work harder by giving them a purpose.

Make a lazy susan to easily see everything

You can spin your spices or grains until you find the one you’re looking for, and it takes up less space.

Use a rack to store your spices

This also works for bottles of wine, oil, or vinegar.

Label your bins to keep everything in order

You’ll keep everything organized and you’ll be able to sort out your groceries in a jiffy.

Check the dates on items to keep things fresh

Make sure to throw out expired products, and you might be able to get a pantry as organized as this one.

Build wood organizers to store cans

You’ll never have to search for that can of beans ever again.