Our Mini 'home-away-from-home" Project

My husband envisioned a tiny, portable "sleeper cabin" for use at the deer lease -- but only if we could use mostly found and/or reclaimed materials. Using reclaimed roofing tin, reclaimed constructions studs, reclaimed barn wood flooring, and found unused oak flooring, the only things purchased were the screws, nails, paint, beadboard, windows, and door. We haven't hung the artwork yet, but I think it's a pretty 'sweet' home. Enjoy the pictorial tour. Next part of the project will be the entry porch and the solar shower platform ;-)
The completed project, headed for its new home.
Rustic exterior leads to a bit more comfort inside. . . .
View of the barn wood flooring, now showcased as our headboard/accent wall.
More reclaimed barnwood for shelving and a glimpse of the found oak flooring. And yes, that is an a/c window unit (powered by generator -- but only when necessary in our southeast Texas heat and humidity.)
Add a comfy bed with soft bedding, a couple of candles and a bottle of wine . . . makes it hard to go home at the end of the weekend :-)

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