Asked on Aug 30, 2016

Improve the look and durability of wood siding

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How can I improve the look of the piece of wood near the door step? I am new to wood work so would appreciate the steps to be carried out and materials to be used for the job.
Another piece of wood thats inside the house and needs work. Not sure what should be done here to change its look to new.
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  • Cathy
    on Aug 30, 2016

    I lost a site I was on and can't retrieve it!! I want to know how to clean my bathroom tile in my shower, please help me thank you!!

  • Deanna Nassar
    Deanna Nassar
    on Aug 30, 2016

    I recommend a paint store. Looks like you need a sealer and then paint it. Most paint stores will know more about it than hardware dealers. Home Depot and Lowes are the Wal Marts of home improvement. Too much of everything to know one thing that well.

  • CrowEyes
    on Aug 31, 2016

    That piece of wood is your threshold, which is made of oak. You can take a medium-grit sandpaper and lightly sand the finish off. Exterior-grade stain and sealer (would recommend a matte-finish), can be purchased in small cans from any home improvement store. Follow "all" the directions for application (temperature/humidity/sanding between coats/dry time/etc.) and it should go quite easily. Relative to your wood strip by the door: Frog Tape (green) the wall and floor right next to it; take a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper and lightly sand off the outer finish. This can be stained and sealed like your threshold or painted to match your interior (exterior-grade if outside). :)

    • Johnchip
      on Aug 31, 2016

      Sand, stain or paint, Then I would use a varathane, marine varnish rather than a polyurethane, it is made for boats, will hold up better for outdoors.

  • Gloria Salmanowitz
    Gloria Salmanowitz
    on Aug 31, 2016

    Use a combination stain and polyurethane blend which is sold at any hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes,etc.). You might want to tape the surrounding area or cover so that you don't paint that as well.

  • Charles Prock
    Charles Prock
    on Aug 31, 2016

    First off you will need to sand the threshold bare....Then, because of its exposure to wood eating insects, I would give it a Borate treatment (Google it)....Then, after it dries, it might be interesting to paint it to match the terra cotta tiles on the porch....As far as the inside piece goes, it looks like it might be easier to finish a new piece before you install it than to try to do something to a piece that small surrounded by floors and walls that you don't want to refinish...I'm just sayin'....It would also give you a chance to practice some wood working skills that are not difficult.

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