11 Ways to Hide Your Plastic Bags Without Throwing Them Away

Everyone needs a place to store their plastic bags.

By Hometalk Highlights

Sort them by size into different drawers

Keeping your Ziploc separate from your shopping bags will save time when you scramble to find one.

Keep them in an empty wipes container

It hides the bags and easily dispenses them.

Or store them in a ceramic tissue box

This makes plastic bags as easily available as tissues.

Use them as party decorations

You have so many bags left over anyway, why not use them as decor?

Weave them into plastic baskets

This is a great way to get rid of your bags, without actually throwing them out.

Stuff them into pillows as inserts

You don’t need a real pillow, just a cushion cover and some plastic bags.

Use them as easy clean up paint tray liners

This makes cleaning up with paint so quick and easy.

Or use them as a cool painting tool

This splotchy look is easily done with a scrunched up plastic bag.

Turn them into fall pumpkins

The jute twine and burlap make them adorable decor for fall.