Updating my ceiling fans

My ceiling fan makes a lot of noise and wobbles, how do I fix it? Also I have some unattractive fans that I would like to up date. Any ideas?
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  • William William on Aug 31, 2016
    Your fan is out of balance. Take a penny or a few pennies. Tape a penny to the top of one of the blades. If the wobble slows or stops, you can glue it to the blade. If not, move on to the next blade and so on until the wobble stops. The noise should stop when the fan is balanced. You can also use steel washers.
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    • William William on Sep 01, 2016
      Your very welcome! I try to give the best advice I can based on my experience. I have redone work that many "contractors" had done improperly and cost homeowners more than that was needed. I could write a book on all the horror stories I've run across.
  • Salvadore Salvadore on Sep 01, 2016
    You should have received a balance kit with your fan. It contains everything you will need with instructions. If you no longer have it use the penny on each blade tip.
  • Sara Corbin Sara Corbin on Sep 01, 2016
    Make sure your fan is tightened up in all the right places in addition to balancing it. As for updating old, tired fans, firstly don't neglect craigslist! I've gotten some really nice ceiling fans on CL for cheap to free. In the meantime, it's amazing what a good coat of paint will do! Just make sure that you clean and dry the blades well before painting, and apply a primer if you aren't using *good* paint and primer in one. If the blades are super slick, you might want to give them a LIGHT sanding by hand first. If the blades have much detail on them, I wouldn't suggest painting them unless you're really good at detail without getting it goopy!
  • Cherl Harrell Cherl Harrell on Sep 01, 2016
    You can also purchase a balance kit at Lowes and probably most home improvement or hardware stores.
  • Marsha Roberts Marsha Roberts on Sep 01, 2016
    And, it may not be out of balance. It might be dirty. I had a strange sort of grinding noise in my bedroom fan. I checked in the manual online and it said that the fan would need cleaning inside the housing periodically. This is not easy to do, but it's simple. Before taking the housing off the fan motor, you might try some canned air first. If it doesn't and the balancing act doesn't do it, try cleaning the fan. Better yet, hire someone to do it for you.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Sep 01, 2016
    A lot of the wobble may be due to wear on the joints and loose screws. Check what type of screwdriver you need and give it a once over on all the screws. Do general cleaning and check under the motor housing for dust and dirt. Be sure to put a drop of 3in1 oil on the motor to lubricate. If it still shows problems then follow Williams directions for balancing the blades. If you run the fan on hi a lot it puts a strain on the arm holding the blade assembly to the motor housing.
    • Ilene Paffel Thompson Ilene Paffel Thompson on Jun 16, 2018
      Thank you, the oil though is not good for my fans... oiled and the motors blew in two very expensive fans. Professional repairman said never oil fans, basically self lubricating, apparently the multiple times I oiled over a few years destroyed the motors. I used small amount but learned the hard way
  • Ilene Paffel Thompson Ilene Paffel Thompson on Sep 08, 2016
    I had a professional company install a new motor in my fan, it had slight moisture that through the years dripped down from roof no roof leak but diffusers, humidifiers etc took its toll over many years. The point is: when he had the covers off etc. he oiled moving parts of fan, tightened every screw and bolt, and using a level he balanced each blade.. He stated everything should be tightened yearly, some newer fans suggest no oil...results, cannot tell if it is on so quiet Hope this helps you