How to Make A Beautiful Concrete Cake Stand Using Quikrete

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I’ve been busy mixing up a lot of things this week. One was a batch of pillowy soft oatmeal cookies. The other was a beautiful concrete cake stand using *QUIKCRETE® concrete mix.
The candle holders made a perfect base for a concrete topper. As for the topper mold, I rummaged through my recycling bin and recovered a clear, plastic take-out box and a rusty, round cake pan.
First, put on those gloves as concrete is VERY caustic to the skin!
Second, since concrete dust is very fine, measure and pour the mix slowly and carefully. Try not to breath in the dust.
Finally, if you are using a metal mold for your cake stand topper, set a large piece of plastic wrap into your mold, making there you have several inches of excess spilling over the sides. Otherwise, you will have one heck of a time unmolding your topper!
First, sift out most of the larger pieces of gravel for a smoother final product. Then, place 4 cups of concrete mix into your mixing bowl, and stir in 1/2 cup water to start. If the mixture is looking too dry while you stir, add another couple tablespoons until the consistency of your concrete is that of wet oatmeal.
Next, press enough concrete into your mold to reach 1/2″ up the sides of the mold.
NOTE: Make sure the surface of the concrete is PERFECTLY EVEN or your creation will be lopsided!
Fill the hole in your candlestick with concrete, then place it hole-side-down in the center of the mold. (This will help it grip to the topper.)
Press another 1/2″ inch of concrete into the mold. (Ideal topper thickness should be between 1 and 1-1/2″. Any thicker will be too heavy and prone to topple.)
For candlesticks with straight sides, press the concrete at least 1/4″ up the sides of the candlestick to secure it in place. If your candlestick has a lip, press the second layer of concrete over the lip to secure.
Smooth out the concrete so that the surface and edges are all even.
Tap the mold to work out any bubbles.
Allow your cake stand to dry for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area.
Once dried, set your cake stand right-side-up and peel off the mold. Clear plastic will lift off like a dream!
Here is another cake stand I made using a metal pan, plastic wrap and a candlestick with a lip. Again, the plastic wrap unmolds and peels off with ease.
And you’re done!
As you can see, the scalloped sides of the plastic take-out container made lovely edges!
For the full tutorial as well as how to make your cake stands food-safe, follow the blog post link below!

Suggested materials:

  • Quikrete Standard Concrete Mix (4 cups)  (Lowe's)
  • Water  (Da Sink)
  • Plastic take-out container  (Da restaurant)
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  • Belen
    on Sep 3, 2016

    are the concrete stands heavy?

  • KJ
    on Nov 7, 2019

    So I’m assuming with the weight of concrete you can’t use just any base. Would have to be a certain width at the bottom and weigh a good amount so it doesn’t topple over. Not something we can really experiment with before inserting the base into the Quikcrete. Any suggestion for sizes and type of bases to use.

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