This colorful gem top with gold paint

You wouldn’t know that this was made with dollar store gems.

This gorgeous one with chalk paint

The distressed white paint with a rich wooden top is perfect for any living room.

This mapped out one with Parisian accents

This a big upgrade from your run of the mill coffee table.

This checkered one with steel wool

You can achieve a similar look with wood stain, but it’s so cool that she made parts of her table lighter.

This oak one that looks so elegant

The white paint and rich mahogany totally emphasize that glass top.

This creative one with a drawing pad for kids

You would never think of a coffee table as a crafts table, but this is just perfect.

This stenciled one with a dark rose

Talk about art on a table. This is so unique and beautiful.

This fabric topped one with a glass cover

We love this new take on an old coffee table.

This red one with a faux leather print

If you want your coffee table to be the center of the room, this is how you do it.

This painted one that looks so pristine

It’s amazing what a simple paint job can do.

This chalkboard one that’s an activity table

This is the perfect addition to any playroom.

This upholstered one with cushions

You can use it as a table or a seat, whatever you choose.

This rich one with a new finish

The sanding and stain made a huge difference.

This upgraded one with contact paper

The grey wood pattern and the black wood give this table a modern and stylish look.

This metal one that looks so classy

Clean white paint transformed this rusty old table.