12 Wildly Creative Ways to Use Your Old Sewing Table

Even if you don't love sewing, you're going to want a sewing table after seeing this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Upcycle it into vintage bathroom shelves

This is definitely one way to get that vintage look.

Turn it into a planter box for your porch

Get great curb appeal with this adorable planter.

Or into this food and beverage station

No party is complete without one of these.

Use it as an original side table

This hometalker hardly touched this piece and left it in all it’s glory.

Or as a polished nightstand

This makeover is absolutely gorgeous.

Refurnish it into a wine and glass table

We love the glass holder at the bottom.

Paint it with a pattern and texture

This beachy zebra table is totally different from the original way it looked.

Stencil it with calligraphy

A simple upgrade like this gives your table a whole new look.

Give it a rustic top

This sewing table became a rustic side table with just some stained planked wood.

Decoupage it with colorful fabric

A simple pattern, gold knobs, and a good paint job transforms this old table into a fancy piece of work.