13 Easy Organizing Ideas to Keep You Sane Throughout the School Year

School has begun and already your house feels chaotic. Here’s how to keep everything in check throughout the year.

By Hometalk Highlights

Make a bin labeled for each child’s papers

Never lose a school memo or permission slip again.

Or build your own wall file

You’ll never have to frantically search through those endless piles of paper.

Build a message center with a pallet board

This is a great way to help remind your kids about their ballet class or violin practice.

Get your fridge sorted with bins

Knowing where everything is will ease the long process of making lunches.

And keep your fruit fresh for healthy snacks

You and your kids will be happier if healthy snacks are easily on hand at all times.

Create a family meal plan for dinners

This is a great help when you’re running through the supermarket between carpool and soccer practice.

So you can plan out their lunches, too

Preparing lunches for the entire week will save you loads of time every night.

Create a weekly organizer with cork board

Now everyone will know the dates of their doc appointments and after school activities.

Choose a space to hang your kid’s artwork

You'll have peace of mind when your kids suddenly bring a bunch of finger paintings home.