Inside plants in Central Florida !!

My son and I were discussing and wondering why we have such a hard time growing inside plants in Florida?? Is it the air conditioning that sucks all the moisture out of the plants ,....not enough humidity? I've tried philodendrons and spider plants, etc.. usually the easiest plants to grow inside and not only do you have to water and mist them about everyday but at times I would put them in the shower for a good soak......just don't have good luck with inside plants down here. My son would like to put a tall tree in his foyer inside but like me, he's hesitant !! Any suggestions on types of trees for him? ......and what can be done to grow inside plants down here???? ( not talking a sunroom....I'm talking in the main house!!!!) Thanks!!
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 27, 2013
    I can't imagine that, even with air conditioning, a Florida house doesn't have as much humidity as one anywhere else in the country. Perhaps your air-conditioning is blowing right on the plant? How much light does your son have in his foyer? It's lack of light that is often one of the biggest challenges with indoor plants.
  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 27, 2013
    Douglas, we both used to be able to have huge Spider plants and Phillys in upstate NY and I get so aggravated I seem to have so much trouble down here!!!! It's a challenge! We both have had a lot of houseplants in the past and they did very well!! Ok, his house is a new HUGE HUGE house with skylights so he hasn't tried any yet, but he's hesitant because he sees how tough it's been for me and also my brother in law......the house I live in on the other hand is a small house back in the woods, although I do get sun in a couple of the windows I hung plants in that I thought were "no brainers'' .....Spider plants / philedrendrons ......I can't believe how fast they dry out in the house, I mean you have to water them everyday, maybe it's the soil ??? Maybe too much vermiculite or pearlite in it? I didn't give that a thought until just then.....maybe I need to add a lot of peat moss??? I want to try it again this Fall and see what happens! I even thought about maybe putting a birdbath in the house in a couple of rooms with some stone in the bottom and water for humidity!!! Talk about desperate!!!!! Give me your thoughts Douglas (or anybody!!!) At least you are giving me some hope that it CAN be done !!!! The plants outdoors are doing great, and with all the rain going nuts !! The inside is my main concern now!!! I'd love some indoor plants!!!
  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 30, 2013
    I've never heard of coir ! I will try that for sure !!! I think what has thrown me is the fact it is so humid down here in Florida you'd think you could grow anything indoors as well as outdoors!! I'm guessing the air conditioning pulls the moisture right out of the air so badly I was guessing it must affect the leaves as well, but I can't wait to try the coconut fiber soil mix! Thanks Douglas !
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