Asked on Sep 2, 2016

What can you do with china plates that you don't use?



I want to make craft items. Also old silverware crafts.
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  • Red8781473
    on Sep 2, 2016

    Hi,with old china I stack cups and saucers held together with silicone,put on a put in flowerbeds for a bird feeder.Old silverware,I pound out to hang to make chimes.They sound beautiful.I could go on and luck.

  • Hang them on your wall for some creative wall decor. Like this -

  • Val
    on Sep 2, 2016

    I agree, hang them on the wall if they are beautiful. These plates are hanging my hallway. I bought the plate hangers at AC Moore, the have a small hook on the back and the glue won't ruin the plate. They hang nicely.

    q wlhat can you do with china plates that you don t use , repurpose household items, repurposing upcycling
  • Marla Stewart
    Marla Stewart
    on Sep 3, 2016

    You can glue plates together in graduated sizes to make a tiered dessert dish. Put a glass candle holder or other object between layers. You could also break them and make a mosaic top to a table or something.

  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Sep 3, 2016

    You can use them for creating a edge in a garden. Research flea marketing As for the silverware wind chimes look amazing .

  • Bryan Texas Jarhead
    Bryan Texas Jarhead
    on Sep 3, 2016

    If some are chipped or cracked , they can be broken into pieces ,then glued to flower pots to create a mosaic effect .Use "thin set mastic " like what is used on floor tile . When the mastic has dried , fill the cracks with grout , just like you would with floor tile . If you don't have old china , glazed ceramic tile is a good substitute . They are cheap at the home centers , and come in different colors . Be creative , enjoy .

  • Brenda Webb
    Brenda Webb
    on Sep 3, 2016

    I bought cheap candle stick holders and glued them to the bottom, make sure you center them. Then take another one and glue it to the center of the plate and add a saucer for a graduated tier. Use it for serving cookies , cupcakes, candies, appetizers etc. The candle holders I bought was only a dollar and they were clear. I used epoxy to secure them. I was given a some pieces of China that a neighbor gave me and everybody loved them. Easy way to get rid of some of those old candle stick holders.

  • Stephanie corley
    Stephanie corley
    on Sep 3, 2016

    I have used broken china as mosaic stepping stones, You can all markbles etc. I also use the china for flower art and bird feeders. They can be glued to tomato steaks saucer plus cup. They look great around flowers.

  • Eileen B.
    Eileen B.
    on Sep 3, 2016

    You can cut some of the plates in to pieces and glue the pieces onto birdhouses. You can also use some of the plates for garden flowers

  • Darline
    on Sep 3, 2016

    They make great bird feeders and bird baths. Using them glued to everything from stakes to stumps, and add a bit of color and charm to your flower garden. Also the mismatched look is in for table settings.

  • IFortuna
    on Sep 3, 2016

    You can make chimes out the old silverware, just make sure it is not a valuable. It may be worth more to you that way. : )

  • Trish Hope
    Trish Hope
    on Sep 3, 2016

    I made wind chimes from my Grams' mismatched silverware.I went to a thrift shop and bought silver plated sugar bowls and other items as the base.Then I drilled into the flatware and hung it on wire with beads.

  • Pat Dewey Giarrusso
    Pat Dewey Giarrusso
    on Sep 3, 2016

    Layer the dishes and add something decorative in the middle makes a great flower. Add a hockey puck that has a hole drilled part way thru glued to the back, put it on a garden stake and you have a beautiful garden flower, Google garden flowers on Pintrest.

  • Beth
    on Sep 3, 2016

    I usually use it as a base for my flower pots

  • Georgia Miller
    Georgia Miller
    on Sep 3, 2016

    If you really like them, buy plate hangers and hang them on the wall. I have a matched set of different shapes over my bed.

  • Ruth Hanke Creighton
    Ruth Hanke Creighton
    on Sep 4, 2016

    I am making plate or dish flowers out of old unused dishes for my garden & yard or to sell.. great way to be creative & they are lovely.. especially with clear glass & colorful plates , bowls ,etc .. I am a member of a Face Book group called "From Junk to Garden Treasures ".. there are lot of groups ..I am 89 yrs old & I lov doing this ..

    • Barbara Peck
      Barbara Peck
      on Jan 1, 2017

      Bless your heart Ruth Hanke Creighton... I am 20 years younger and never seem to finish "started" projects! I admire you!
  • SheilaFlorida
    on Sep 4, 2016

    Go to and search on "old plates". There are hundreds of craft ideas using them.

  • Mikki
    on Sep 4, 2016

    You could make a lovely windchime using the plates as the top piece and the silverware as the chimes. Old plates also make wonderful bird feeders by simply hanging with a simple macrame or beaded hanger. A large dish would make an adorable hanging birdbath.

  • Shelley Kelley
    Shelley Kelley
    on Sep 4, 2016

    et a cheapo table or plant stand, break the plates and make a mosaic top. You can do a random pattern or use a web image, coloring book page - the sky is the limit and it will be a family heirloom. Better than putting in a box and not seeing them, it is actually easier than you ma think.

  • Ellen
    on Sep 4, 2016

    Lay a piece of lace on a plate. Apply porcelain paint over the lace. Carefully remove lace and bake according to instructions for the brand of paint you are using. You can make beautiful designs and they are ready to hang on a wall.

  • Ncr10941653
    on Sep 14, 2016

    Us picture hooks hang them on the wall for art. If plain paint designs on them before hanging.

  • Pg
    on Oct 17, 2016

    Glue different size plates, saucers, cups, bowls together to make serving pieces for your snacks, cupcakes, etc. Use very strong glue and let dry for 24 hrs.

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