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Learn how to make your seasonal pie soap for fall! Scent the pie filling with a pumpkin spice fragrance oil with a chocolate scented graham cracker crust, or use a blood orange essential oil for the pie filling for an alternately wonderful shower experience. These fall inspired pie soaps also make wonderful homemade gifts for the holidays too!
Yum! Doesn't it look good enough to eat?
In addition to the ingredients for this pie soap recipe, you'll also need a Cake Slice Silicone Soap Mold and a digital scale. I specifically used the Crafter’s Choice™ Cake Slice Silicone Soap Mold however, you can find the similar (though lesser quality) silicone 8-cavity cake molds for about half the price with free prime shipping on Amazon as well. In addition, a spray bottle filled with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol is helpful, though not absolutely necessary.
Be sure to visit the original blog post for my fall inspired pie soap recipe here for direct links to suppliers and for ingredient amounts.
You'll make the pie crust for your fall inspired pie soaps first. Begin by weighing out the clear detergent free melt and pour soap base. Cut into chunks and combine in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. Heat again if needed, in 30 second increments, stirring in between heatings until the base has melted.
Next, weigh out the coffee, brown sugar and the pink Himalayan salt that will make up your pie crust. Stir these ingredients into the melted clear soap base.
Now weigh out the cardamom mocha fragrance oil for your pie crust and stir it into the melted soap.
Pour the soap evenly into three of the cake mold cavities, then spritz with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. Allow the "pie crust" in the mold cavities to cool and harden completely.
Once the soap has hardened, you’re ready to make your pie soap filling.
To make the pie soap filling, weigh out your white detergent free melt and pour soap base. Cut the soap into chunks and combine in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. Heat again as needed, in 30 second increments, stirring in between heatings until the base has melted.
Add the orange liquid soap color until you reach your desired soap color.
Now weigh out either the blood orange essential oil or the pumpkin spice fragrance oil you’ve chosen to use and stir into the melted white soap base.
Spritz the tops of the “pie crust” in your mold cavities with alcohol, then pour the “pie filling” on top of the pie crust into each of the three cavities of your cake mold. Spritz the tops of your freshly poured soap with alcohol to remove any air bubbles then allow to cool and harden fully.
Once your pumpkin spice pie soaps have set up, you’re ready to add the icing drizzle!
Weigh out the amount of white melt and pour soap base and sal butter needed to create your pie soap "icing." Melt at reduced power in the microwave.
Allow the “icing” mixture to cool slightly. You want to be able to pour it, but you don’t want it to just run right off the tops of your pie soaps. Don’t worry if you pour it too hot the first time. You’ll have extra “icing” to correct any mistakes. If it’s too hot on the first try, simply allow the base to cool a little longer, then pour it back over the tops of your pie soaps.
Remove your pie soaps from the silicone mold.
Now pour a layer of “icing diagonally" across the tops of your soaps using a back and forth motion. (This can get messy.)
Once you pour the first layer, go back over the soap and pour another.
Now add some of the liquid orange soap color to the remaining “icing” to suit and mix well to combine. Repeat the process with the new color.
Once the “icing” on your pie soaps has set up, carefully remove them from your working surface and wrap tightly in foodservice film.
For more great holiday gift ideas and seasonal skin care and soap recipes, be sure to visit my blog, Soap Deli News.

Suggested materials:

  • Clear glycerin melt and pour soap base
  • White glycerin melt and pour soap base
  • Sal butter
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  • Judi Questel
    Judi Questel
    on Nov 4, 2016

    Finished project looks great. Why not put something on your work surface that will keep the mess to a minimum? A sheet of newspaper would help out a lot.

    • Lynn
      on Feb 19, 2017

      Newspaper would transfer inks & odors to the finished soaps. When I make candy or candles, I use a silicone baking sheet. Clean up is a breeze. I love to see a fellow crafter make a "mess"! It means they're more concerned with how the project turns out than how big the clean up will be.

  • Lynn
    on Feb 19, 2017

    Beautiful soap Rebecca! I can almost smell it in Calif! Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

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