Repurposed Comforter Into Slipcover

I needed to reupholster a headboard. The headboard was great quality already, so it would be a shame to tear it up. Instead, I opted to make a slipcover out of a comforter we had around. I loved the embroidered pattern of the old white comforter, but it had ripped and stained a bit. This project meant we could keep it as an integral part of the bedroom!
Wrong color headboard
Wrong color headboard
I laid the old comforter over the headboard first to be sure it would fit, and so I could see where I wanted the detailing to be positioned.
Deconstructed comforter
Deconstructed comforter
I sliced a hole down the back of the old comforter to get inside, which also kept corners intact so I could just fit it over the headboard (like you would with a fitted sheet). Watch out! The comforter had the stuffing stitched, which I didn't anticipate. It took time to separate the fabric from the insides with scissors. Once I had it all out, I doubled up the white fabric (the headboard color is pretty dark). I pulled the pattern side over into a place where it looked even and pinned it down into place. Next, I ironed it out right on the headboard itself. (I suggest ironing after cutting & separating, before putting it on instead). I plan on sewing it into the shape I need and using buttons, Velcro, or ties to keep it secure.
Headboard Heaven!
Headboard Heaven!
Here she is! The stuffing was used to fill the blue patterned duvet cover, which is soft and washable and has buttons and is just my fav new comforter.
Comforter turned slipcover
Comforter turned slipcover

Suggested materials:

  • Headboard, tan-brown suede, $20  (Craigslist)
  • White Comforter w/ silver embroidery & pillows, $80 Hotel Concepts  (Marshall's)
  • Duvet cover, Max Studio, $6  (Saver's thrift)

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  • Robin Miller
    on Sep 15, 2016

    Good job! Excellent recycle idea!

  • Sue C
    on Nov 1, 2016

    Awesome job! I also use standard pillowcases to cover 16 x 16 pillows all the time!

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