Toddler August Paintings

I gave my 3-year-old daughter some scrap wood to paint on while I worked on house projects. She made three paintings this week, using leftover house paint and acrylics. We're saving up a little money at a time to buy her dedicated materials to play with. :)
Her first painting this week. I gave her red, yellow, and green, and she mixed colors as she saw fit. Layered over 2 painting sessions.
I gave my daughter some leftover latex house paint (no-voc Olympic). On the first day, she painted a purple and yellow layer. On the second day, she painted a berry color, and mixed light blue with deep purple.
Close up of her on-the-fly color mixing.
This was her first layer of a third painting. She asked for red, green, and brown. I'll see if she picks this one up tomorrow and asks for another color; if not, she'll probably move on to a new painting.
Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs
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