Doggy Hotspot/Allergens in Foods
I am fed up and sad about my dog's got spot misery. And ever curious I needed some answers. I think I have figured some mysteries out.
Handy Helen
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  • Cathy Rayburn-Trobaugh Cathy Rayburn-Trobaugh on Sep 01, 2013
    @Handy Helen, over the last year, we have had similar problems with our 13 year old Aussie. In that time, he has been on antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, pain killers, mediated shampoo, and anti-inflamitories. The hot spots and his digging at them became so severe that he had literally torn all the fur off his back end. Working with suggestions from our vet, we eliminated grain and chicken from his diet, and it seems to be working. We are feeding him, and our other elderly dog, one of the more expensive foods: Taste of Wild Limited Ingredients. But it's worth it for his health, and I'm pretty sure we make up for it with less vet trips and meds. Good luck with finding the right combination for your dog.
  • Handy Helen Handy Helen on Sep 02, 2013
    I would like to let everyone know that the combo of oatmeal bath, special shampoo, vetericyn(as she tolerates me putting it on), and coconut oil/tea tree combo has seemed to help with the immediate discomfort. Hoping we are in for a long standing solution. Again, thanks for all of your insight and tips! Best!
    • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Sep 02, 2013
      @Handy Helen Hi Helen! I know that you said that your resources are limited and I can certainly understand, as whose aren't these days?I wanted to recommend a product to you that you can buy online or at any Health Food Store. It costs around $10 and it is worth every penny. I personally use it all of the time for myself and my family and pets for everything from a paper cut to a major surgery incision. It is called Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic Ointment and it is a God-Send! There are other brands out there but they do not work as well and they are a complete waste of your money! Also the answer is " No!" I do not get any kind of reimbursement for recommending this product. I just love it and I have been a big fan of it for years. My mother has had many dogs over the years and she has always used this product on her dogs and it works amazingly well!Tea Tree oil is a natural antibiotic/ antifungal and it needs to be in a base when you use it because it is so strong that it can burn yours or your pet's skin if applied directly and not in a base of some kind.My big dog that weighs 85 lbs had to have her back left ACL fixed this past year and she had a hootchie uplift at she same time due to recurrent urinary tract infections and I felt so bad for her. I told the doctor that if my privates looked like hers I would be screaming my head off. This product helped her to heal more quickly and have less pain than she would have otherwise had.I also used Boiron Arnica Cream on the nasty bruising on her stomach that happened as a result of the surgery and her bruising went away almost immediately. I have pics that I could send to you if you want to see the results of using these two products and I wish you all of the best in the world with your dog/pet/child of your family! God Bless!:)
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