Paint dilemma. Need ideas soon.

I was leisurely painting our hall bathroom and now I need to complete it by Sunday !
My mother in law is coming to stay with us for a few weeks since insurance will not allow her to stay in rehab any longer.
I painted the walls and was working on the trim. I had painted the door and trim and ceiling with a Behr paint and primer type paint. When I removed the painters tape a lot of the paint just peeled off the trim UGH ! And to top it off the door still feels a little sticky.
I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to painting but this has never happened to me.
Do you think having the air conditioner on contributed to the door not drying well? Also my daughter showered in the bathroom a few hours after I painted, could this have been a problem too?
I think I may just lightly sand with a fine sand paper and repaint.
That is after boxing up a lot of things in my son's room to make it comfortable for MIL. Son is at college but it is still his room...
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  • I'm not a seasoned veteran at painting. But I would think the moisture from the shower might have contributed. That being said, it would have surely dried out. Have you put fans on it? I would call where you got the paint and ask them.
  • Shari Shari on Aug 31, 2013
    I'm not a professional but I've sure done my fair share of painting in two houses (interior and exterior), as well as many pieces of furniture in the past 5 years, or so. From my experience, I would say the primer/paint combo is your biggest problem. I'm no fan of Behr paint but I've tried Valspar's version of the primer/paint combo and had just the problem you describe--it didn't dry well and took a long time before it didn't feel tacky and rubbery. (Interestingly, the Valspar paint I used did not get great reviews on the Lowe's website. Lots of complaints of rubbery feeling/slow to dry, and poor coverage.) I've also tried the primer/paint combo on furniture and will never do that again. I just have not been impressed with the performance of paints with the primer mixed in and from here on out, I'm steering clear of any paint that contains primer. I sort of equate primer to nail polish base coat. Before you paint your fingernails, a base coat should be applied to fill in ridges and imperfections, and help the polish to adhere better. Mixing the two into one bottle just isn't going to give the same results. Same principle with primer and paint, in my humble opinion. I think they should be applied separately. If anything, the air conditioning should help the drying process by circulating air and removing humidity. I don't even think the humidity from your daughter showering would have been an issue if you had used a paint without a primer already in it.
  • do not blame the paint! I have used Behr paint for 10 years and have never had problems. I have used the Behr and primer as well with great success. I have used Valspar too and the other expensive brands. The first thing I am wondering is that tape. She put the tape on freshly painted walls or trim? That could be the culprit! Paint has a curing time and then the moisture from the shower. If you did not wash the walls down and left any residue. In a bathroom where there is moisture you need semi gloss paint and/or any paint designed for bathrooms. You also stated the air condition was on? Air conditioners take the humidity out of the air. The shower use and putting tape on before the paint cures. Again, do not blame the paint. I do not use tape and for many reasons. However, I have seen tape take the paint off especially the off brands. You will have to sand and start all over again. Sorry.
  • Susan Kenneally Susan Kenneally on Aug 31, 2013
    I found no matter the paint, if it isn't thoroughly dry it won't work. Had a disgusting dilemma with Behr probably b/c of my haste to cover the ugly color.
  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Aug 31, 2013
    I put the tape along the floor and above the baseboards on the wall. The tape pulled the new paint from the baseboard where I just painted not off the painted wall. I using ay floss.
  • KrysFL KrysFL on Aug 31, 2013
    Take the door off the hinges and put it out in direct sunlight...You may have painted it too thick and because of the humidity from showers (assuming its by a bathroom and showers are frequent) it prob hasnt had time to dry/cure. As for the trim..... lightly sand any area of loose paint and paint them with a craft brush (small) to cover over any parts that came off with the tape. FYI - I never use tape and that is one of the reasons why.
  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Aug 31, 2013
    Thanks @KrysFL ,I know I didn't paint too thick, if anything I usually paint too thin. I usually never use tape either but I didn't have an angled brush so I taped. My dad was a painter and he never used tape. He was probably looking down on me and MADE the paint peel just because I used tape ! lol
  • KrysFL KrysFL on Aug 31, 2013
    I would still take the door off and put it outside in the sunlight.. it may just be too humid in the hallway to dry. We repainted our entire house (2300 sq ft + ceilings) last summer with Behr Paint + Primer and we didn't have any issues.
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