25 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Home Using Stencils

These awesome designs are just what you've been looking for.

By Hometalk Highlights

Give your kitchen table a Mexican vibe

The intricate patterns on Talavera tiles are hard to mimic by hand, but are easy with stencils.

Design your own elegant curtains

If you can’t find the curtains you want, you can easily make your own with drop cloths and stencils. (Sondra Lyn at Home

Paint a stunning bedroom floor

Even the most expensive carpet won’t look as amazing as this.

Transform your dresser into a work of art

We can’t get over how classy this thrift store dresser looks.

Upgrade your side table into an eye-catcher

You’re guests will be so impressed when you tell them you made it.

Incorporate African vibes with pillows

Bright and bold colors are the key to creating these stencils.

Paint your porch to look like smooth stone

We love how the red and brown colors blend it in with the brick steps.

Get chic and classy bedroom walls

Your teenage daughter will be the envy of her friends with this glamorous bedroom.

Redo your boring blinds into elegant shades

A simple pattern and some gold paint transforms boring white blinds into something stunning.

Turn a dumpster table into a farmhouse beauty

Next to those shiplap walls, this table looks beautiful in this room.

Make your stairs a show-stopper

You’ll love every time you walk past them, up them, or down them.

Create some texture for your furniture

This raised stencil is the perfect added touch to this old dresser.

Add curb appeal with a new porch floor

You hardly have to decorate your porch when the floor stands out this much.

Create a unique cabinet look

Upgrade your rustic cabinet with a distressed design that looks incredible.

Stencil your pillows for the holidays

Use this fast and easy technique to decorate for any season.

Try these ombre stenciled chairs

Transform a set of chairs with stencils for a beautiful ombre effect.

Create a faux tile backsplash

Add some style to your kitchen with this stunning technique.

Make a stunning medallion on your ceiling

Dress up your ceiling to impress your guests.

Add a fabulous faux carpet

Lay a gorgeous design down.

Make beautiful scarves to give as gifts

Add designs to plain old scarves and thrill your friends.

Use embossing paste to enhance any furniture

Give your stencil a raised texture to bring it to the next level!