Want Board and Batten Walls? These Doable Ideas Are Brilliant!

Move over shiplap, board and batten is here to stay.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build a small wall to organize your entryway

This is definitely the perfect way to make your mudroom look classy.

Make b&b shutters to bring the look outside

These are fairly simple to do, and you can show them off outside.

Add a crown molding to the top for a shelf

It’s the perfect place for pictures and it adds a chic touch to your room.

Extend your wall for a higher-impact design

You gotta love how this blogger decided to add board and batten to her ceiling, too.

Attach old hooks for a rustic look

The wooden hooks and farmhouse sign combines elegant and rustic into one.

Make your wall pop with a stenciled top

The contrast between the stencil and board and batten brings your room design to a whole new level.

Place a hardboard to solve a textured wall

It your wall’s texture won’t look clean cut, add a hardboard to smooth it out.

Paint it with chalkpaint for a kids center

Even with writing on the wall, board and batten still looks classy.

Cover the entire wall to brighten any room

A boring white wall detracts from the room, but a board and batten wall brings light and focus.