31 Ways to Make A Gorgeous Wreath For Your Front Door

You can thank us later!

By Hometalk Highlights

Use A Dollar Store Basket To Shape The Wreath

Forget about wreath forms and fancy supplies, this does the trick.

Stick Flowers In A Foam Circle

You can make a gorgeous wreath in no time with a foam.

Slide Old Leaves Onto A Wire

Collect all the leaves from your backyard and press into the form.

Use A Dry Cleaning Hanger For The Form

You just need to find one in your closet to make this great wreath.

Use Deconstructed Wicker Basket Handles

You don’t even need to fill up the entire wreath because the form is so pretty.

Add Four Pieces Of Wood For A Square Form

This boxwood wreath turned out lovely with the form.

Use A Chic Photo Frame

You don’t even have to decorate this one, just pin on the board.

Add Some Fabric To The Back Of A Frame

Then add a letter for your name and you’ve got an adorable wreath.

Decorate With A Noodle And Duct Tape

You can also cover it with anything you want, but this pool noodle makes the perfect wreath shape.

Cut And Cover A Wreath In Contact Paper

You wouldn’t know that this was not a real wooden frame.

Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls For A Flower Wreath

Talk about the best possible way to recycle.

Fold Paper Rolls Into Beautiful Petals

We never thought toilet paper rolls could look this good.

Repurpose Decor You’ve Had Forever

This ship helm made a wreath without any effort.

Grab Something From Your Storage

This fall basket couldn’t get any better.

Create A Wreath Out Of Books

Roll and hot glue book pages onto a burlap coated circle.

Craft Faux Succulents With Pine Cones

Cut big pine cones in half with shears, paint, and attach with hot glue.

Transform Chicken Wire Into A Hanger

Gather and shape wire into a circle and secure with zip ties.

Use A Pool Noodle For Your Wreath

Connect the ends of the noodle with duct tape and hot glue oversized ornaments.

Make A Faux Boxwood Door Decoration

Take a round hay wreath and hot glue on.

Wrap Your Unused Sweater Into A New Wreath

Use a rotary blade to cut the sweater into stripes and knot on wire wreath form.

Design A Rustic Appearance With Bottles

Wrap thin gauge wire around the neck of the bottles and tie to the wreath.

Coat Your Wreath In Sno-Flock

Spray generous coating of water on wreath and spring snow flock from strainer onto wreath.

Craft A Creepy Crow Hanger For Halloween

Spray cardboard silver, cut off the crow’s legs, and sprinkle with glitter. (Celebrate & Decorate

Make A Wreath Horse Head With Florals

Cover horse head template with chicken wire and fill with greenery.

Place Yarn Feathers Into Your Wreath

Wrap pipe cleaner with yarn and knot yarn up the length of the pipe.

Build A Wreath Of Diapers For A Shower

Use a metal macrame ring and place diapers around the ring.

Cut Up Stuffed Animals For A Door Hanger

Place several on a wire wreath and tie tight with ribbon. (Celebrate & Decorate

Coil A Garden Hose Into A Wreath

Wrap hose into a circle and tie flowers into it with jute ribbon.