Give Your Kids the Coolest Bedrooms With These 13 Jaw-Dropping Ideas

You're totally going to get the best parent of the year award with this.

By Hometalk Highlights

This house bunk bed

Perfect for two siblings or when friends sleep over.

This chalkboard wall for drawing

Let your kids draw on the walls without any repercussions.

This fairy light up rug with LED rope

Your kids won’t be scared of the dark, and they’ll know where to walk for a cup of water.

This Dr. Seuss themed room

We can’t get enough of how awesome this room is.

This bean bag stuffed animal storage idea

It’s a great way to clean up your room and have an awesome place to sit.

This incredible lightsaber headboard

If your kid is a Star Wars fan, you need to make this.

This customized Minecraft bed fort

Your kid is going to love this.

This instant leaf bed canopy

Give their room a tropical feel with this simple and easy idea.

This captain’s quarter and pirate themed room

We love the little touches that make this room look so cool.

This glowing cloud light

We all need a cloud to dream under.

This unbelievable triple bunk bed

It even has some drawers for storage underneath!

This fairy tale bed with Rapunzel’s castle

The perfect room for your little princess.