Progress on Our Front Yard White Picket Fence

I've always wanted a white picket fence so we finally made the leap. We found our vinyl fencing on Craigslist for $150.00 with the brackets, caps, sleeves etc...So to start our project we rototilled about a 3 ft wide section & killed all the grass there. I hate grass growing up between a fence. Plus I wanted to plant a border of flowers in front & on the inside of my fence. That took about a month for all the grass to be good and dead. Next step was calling the city to mark all the lines...Gas, sewer, etc...That took another week. Finally were ready to get busy over this long weekend. Day 1- We rented an Auger to dig all the post holes that's still a little harder than it sounds because the Auger doesn't do all the digging you still have to get on your hands & knees and still remove any rocks or cement that may be in that hole. We also have a very tough clay soil that the Auger just slips away on so you have to help it out there too. (Let me say this is our first time ever putting up a fence) It's a lot harder than it looks. That was our first 10 hr day. Day 2- Two more holes to dig & then cutting & installing fence panels & sleeves. They say measure twice so you only cut once, we measured 3-4 times & still cut more than once. But nothing was ever short it was always nice and tight fitting. So it was worth it. That was a 9hr day & we were pretty exhausted by then. Our 2 day project of putting the actual fence up is turning into more of a 3-4 day project. But I must say it's looking rather great our neighbors think so too. Lots of visits of everyone saying how nice it looks so far. I really can't wait for this part to be done & my poor body can't I'm ready to plant my flowers borders. Well here's our progress so far heading back out in about 30 min. to get started on another day.
Day 1 digging all the post holes.
Finished for the day now have to wait for the cement to set.
Day 2- Two more holes had to be dug.
Now the easy part so we thought...But we were so wrong. This part is very time consuming.
We made it far as the front panels. Today the side panels and cutting all the 4x4's down to the perfect height.

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