Best Way to Clean Dusty Blinds

Blinds are really annoying to clean, so when I found this clever trick on the internet using salad tongs, I thought I would give it a try! I can’t tell you how great it was for getting the dust off the blinds -- with so little effort.
Isn't that like magic?!
Time: 2 MinutesCost: $2Difficulty: Easy
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Here are my dirty blinds. Look how dusty those suckers are! Step 1: gather your materials
  • best way to clean blinds
I used a pair of tongs, a microfiber cloth, and two rubber bands.

Step 2: Cut the cloth
  • best way to clean blinds
Because of the thickness of my tongs, I had to cut the cloth into fourths so that they would fit between the slats of the blinds. If you're using a thinner cloth, you might not need to do this. Step 3: Secure the cloths
  • best way to clean blinds
I wrapped a cloth around each arm of the tongs, then I used a rubber band to secure it in place making an X with the rubber band by slipping it over the cloth, giving it a twist, then slipping it over again.
  • best way to clean blinds
Now you’re ready to clean those dirty blinds!
  • best way to clean blinds
Get ready to say goodbye to all that dust and muck!

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