I need to replace a furnace

We need to get a price on a furnace and air conditioner for a 1400 square foot house equipment and installed it is in the country so no natural gas propane is available. This is in the Shelbyville Indiana area.
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  • William William on Sep 09, 2016
    You will need to call an HVAC contractor. They can size your house and do a heat loss calculation. Try to get at least three estimates.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Sep 10, 2016
    I found my good old local oil supply company came in with the best price and deal with the regular full service contract. Sometimes your best deals are with your reliable neighbor businesman. (and it helps to be his good customer when you need that emergncy service or delivery in the snow stom!)
  • Listen to William, he is spot on. This is too important to do yourself. Anything with gas, oil, propane and electric should be performed by a professional that knows the building codes for your area. The safety of your family is priceless and every penny spent is worth it.
  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Sep 10, 2016
    Get three estimates and check around. They will guarantee there work.
  • Larry Chura Larry Chura on Sep 10, 2016
    I have done HVAC repair and install in the past and will say this. It's really easy to get overwhelmed and too easy to make costly and dangerous mistakes. If you have no previous experience, please get a professional to do it for you. Check for recommendations from your friends and also check at suppliers for whom they trust!
  • Marge DiFilippo Marge DiFilippo on Sep 11, 2016
    Check with the Better Business Bureau. They will give you a list of names of reliable companies that install furnace and air conditioners. You can also view their complaints if they have any but they will tell you who the best is
  • 861650 861650 on Sep 11, 2016
    How about the ductless heating/air conditioners. My neighbor has about the same square footage as you do. She had to buy two units at $2,500 each and this was the installed price. She did her homework and got several estimates.