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Broken Apple Tree Branch

A big branch broke in my apple tree during some wind and I need to know if I should do something with the big hole it left, like seal it.
broken apple tree branch, gardening

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  • Marilyn
    on Sep 7, 2013

    Thank you so much Catherine. I was going to use the tree sealant but I certainly won't now.

    • Catherine Smith
      on Sep 8, 2013

      Wonderful, glad I could help. Those seminars are so informative and so much fun to attend.

  • Marilyn
    on Sep 12, 2013

    My friend checked with the nursery and she looked it up and it said that her tree has bacterial fungus. Supposed to be common with weeping cherry. They said don't use the same pruners on it without disinfecting them first before using them on other plants.

    • Catherine Smith
      on Sep 13, 2013

      @Marilyn Glad to hear she checked. And yes, it's very important to keep your tools sterile when you're doing any type of pruning etc. I normally have a jug with bleach water (1pt bleach-9pts water) to dip my shears or other pruning tools in. I "modified" a milk jug, so I had a handle and it goes around the yard with me. Tell her to look for some "light' horticultural" oil (there are 2 kinds) and paint it on the area with an old paint brush. It's a natural fungicide and will help get the fungal problem under control. Cherries are beautiful trees, but they do sometimes need a little extra TLC to do well.

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