Mobile Heartache to Mobile Home!

Four years ago, we moved into a 20-year-old mobile home on a farm. Being a city girl, I was at a loss with what to do with this place that had sat empty for 2 years and was being reclaimed by the critters and insects that inhabited the land. The kitchen was particularly daunting as you can see. It took me 3 years and testing the waters in all the other rooms before I could even figure out where to start in the kitchen.
When we first moved in we bought new appliances and changed the white for stainless steel. The kitchen got an industrial cleaning and de-mousing and then we used it like that until the end of winter 3 years later.
This is what we moved in to.
This is what we moved in to.
Floors: The linoleum was staining and turning purple. If you set a chair in one place for a day and moved it there would be four deep purple squares in its place. I knew we had to do something about the flooring .
I went to my local home renovation store and tried to find the cheapest alternative. Mobile homes shift depending on the weather so the industrial vinyl tiles I found fit our need perfectly. It was so easy. I pulled off the old lino that was only glued down on the edges and laid out the tiles. It only took a few hours and cutting them was a breeze. Cost: $260
Notice the backsplash is missing. Hammer + Ugly Tiles = Fun!
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
Painting: The next step was painting the cupboards. A good cleaning with TSP, a base coat of Kilz primer and then 2 coats of Behr paint in "Papier Blanc". We took countertops off as I planned to replace them.
I took down the old trim around the windows and used 1X3" pre-primed trim to trim them all out. I did square cuts instead of a mitre cut as I'm concerned with the shifting it will just crack the corners of the mitre.
And this is where I came to a stand still. I do not like painting. I'll do it but I'd rather use power tools and build things. Luckily I have a sister!
My sister flew out and started painting everything from the dining area to the other end of the mobile home in a taupe colour. She is a painting whiz, in the meantime, I worked on the mosaic backsplash. Note the cupboards are all done and the old hardware replaced. I liked the rustic look of it and saved tons of money by not replacing it.
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
Island: I removed the old island top and stained and used 7 coats of Varathan on a pre-cut bamboo butcher block top. I have no intention of cutting on it without a cutting board so felt this was the best way to protect it. This is the only place I feel I'd do something different as water droplets on the Varathan cloud up. So far they have disappeared but if the water sat for hours I'm worried it may not.
I did go to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and pickup drawer sliders for $2 a set and made pull out drawers for the island. It makes organizing and accessing the things we keep under the island so much easier!
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
Countertops: We went to Ikea and picked up two inexpensive counters in a black speckle. With the help of my hubby, the cutting and installation of a new tap were a breeze. We kept the old sink.
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
Pantry & Storage: The pantry got a header and footer put in for the barn door I had planned for it and more shelving was added so I could store more items.
The useless shelves around the corner became my baking cupboard and holds all my mixers, food processors and other cooking items that nobody else is allowed to touch!
We have an old corral area that had a wood fence surrounding it for countless years. Whoever put it in had those boards screwed in top and bottom with three screws on each side. I'm so glad they did because it gave me perfectly weathered, completely unwarped boards to make my doors out of! I figured it out as I went along as I have never built doors like this.
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
Lighting: Luckily my husband has skills. We replaced an old ceiling fan and ugly track lighting with 3 lovely pendant lights!
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
What happened to the dining room? We decided we didn't need it. We weren't using it and the island seating has become a favourite place for us to sit and talk. We turned the dining room into what we call "Goat TV". We have a lovely sitting area in which to share time and look out at our farm animals. Spring with 4 new kids was particularly fun!
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
The closet by the door became my mini mud room. I used white tiles on the bottom shelf to hold shoes, put a couple of bins in to hold gloves and such, and there is a key tray and somewhere to hang jackets.
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
I'm so glad we tackled these projects. I finished painting the beam that goes through the middle of the house a few nights ago. Just in time to find out that we need to sell the house as we have a great opportunity in another Province.
I really hope I make another farm wife's day when she walks in and sees her nice new kitchen!
Estimated total cost: $2500 and about 6 months.
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design
mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design

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21 questions
  • Phyllis
    on Sep 11, 2016

    What did you use for your backsplash?

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Hi Phyllis, I answered above first but I can cut and paste :) I used mosaic tile sheets. They were super easy to install and I used a tile cutter to cut straight lines down a whole sheet (thank you YouTube!) The worst part was grouting. It's tedious and I came away with some rough hands as I ended up grouting with my hand to get it between all the nooks and crannys. I laid out the tiles first to make sure it looked good. Even though I didn't want to try and figure out a pattern I surely didn't want a cluster of tiles that stood out.

  • Vicki
    on Sep 11, 2016

    where did you get the chandeliers? beautiful redo.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Thanks Vicki, I found them at Lowes (Canada). I searched a long time for the right lighting at the right price. They were $129 each. My biggest requirement (farm living) was that they be open so I wouldn't have to clean flies out of the shades. The pendant light over the sink I got at Habitat for Humanity Re-store. Brand new in box for $30. I love a good deal!

  • Fho3960399
    on Sep 11, 2016

    I wondered the same. What did you use for back splash? A close up picture would be neat to see.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      I used mosaic tile sheets. They were super easy to install and I used a tile cutter to cut straight lines down a whole sheet (thank you YouTube!) The worst part was grouting. It's tedious and I came away with some rough hands as I ended up grouting with my hand to get it between all the nooks and crannys. I laid out the tiles first to make sure it looked good. Even though I didn't want to try and figure out a pattern I surely didn't want a cluster of tiles that stood out.

  • Debbie
    on Sep 11, 2016

    Did you tile over the linoleum or did you pull it up. If you pulled it up , did the new tiles just stick to the pressed board under the linoleum ?

    • Nancy Bowen Rattigan
      on Sep 11, 2016

      If you read this thread, she says she pulled up the linoleum and that it was only glued along the edges

    • Sylvia Candler
      on Sep 11, 2016

      She said that she took up the old lino and it was glued only around the edges.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Yes, what Nancy said. I was lucky that the floors looked brand new underneath. I did prime the subfloor with Kilz Max. I wanted to provide a barrier between the unfinished wood and the tiles. Because they are peel and stick I wanted them to adhere well. So far they have survived everything!

  • Michelle
    on Sep 11, 2016

    Did the wall originally have wall paper? Did you just paint over it if they did?

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      It did! I didn't repaint over any of it, the previous owner did. But it had the typical mobile home pre-papered walls. I redid the bedroom and realized a few things about mobile homes. Don't take the stripping off the walls, you cannot fill those cracks and not have them crack again. If you do take the strips off you can buy them to replace lol. Not everone carries them but if you shop around someone will. If you are going to paint over wallpaper use a really good primer, I like Kilz Max. If you don't the paint will want to peel because the paper they use is a vinyl base and the paint doesn't adhere as if it was paper.

    • Melody Warren
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Hahaha! I did the same thing with the stripping! I puttyed and sanded and putted and sanded, then bought new stripping! Lesson learned.

  • Linette Templeman
    on Sep 11, 2016

    Wow what a great redo!!! Don't you hate to leave after all the amazing things you did? The best thing is when you move you know you can accomplish anything your new place needs. Keep up the awesome remodles. If you do your next place please post it.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Thanks Linette! I love what I did simply because it showed me what I am really capable of. I've done lots of DIY projects but never a whole kitchen! I tell people that I did it for the farm wife who's husband will tell her, "it's got a great shop and garage, we can build a house" and then never does lol! I have siding and roofing being put on in the next month, thanks to hail damage. It's a '93 mobile home with a millennial attitude!

    • Diena Cameron
      on Sep 15, 2016

      Great redo Michelle B., gives me great inspiration for my kitchen. I have an island/counter/table that's about 6'×4' and it's laminate and I hate it but definitely can't afford to replace with something like Granite or Marble or Quartz or Wood so I'm wondering about painting it. Would you happen to know anything about painting laminate ? Thanks for any help and your kitchen is fabulous. I wish I would have seen it many, many years ago when I lived in a mobile home. Your died doors are to die for, definitely look like they were made by a professional.

    • Diena Cameron
      on Sep 15, 2016

      That was supposed to be "diy-ed" doors ( :

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 17, 2016

      lol. I think you can paint laminate, not sure how long it would hold up though. If you were going to I would recommend a very rough grit sandppaper to scratch it up really well. Clean and a good primer. Talk to your local hardware store they will be able to help you and tell you more about durability. My butcher block counter top cost me $249 + stain and varathan." target="_blank"> Or if you have an Ikea they have cheap counter tops.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 17, 2016

      Check this out :)" target="_blank">

    • Bbunny42
      on Jun 30, 2018

      There is a kit at Home Depot for redoing countertops. I believe I have read that it is under $100. You might check with them or your local hardware store; I have not used it.

  • Marilyn Weaver
    on Sep 11, 2016

    I live in a 27 yr. old mobile home and I love it BUT it's in serious need of upgrading. Your reno is inspiring, what are your cabinets made of? Mine are the "pressed wood" variety covered with wood looking vinyl paper. I'm trying to find an application that would work on them - thanks for any advice!

    • Pat11648962
      on Sep 11, 2016

      You can paint them. I had my pressed board cabinets painted. They take the doors off, lay them flat and spray painted them. You can do it yourself if you use a good primer first. I also had all of my tacky hinges replaced with ones that are on the inside of each door instead of the outside. They look like real wood cabinets now, instead of printed wood on press board. I myself, painted my printed wall board, using a good primer, that I had tinted to the color I was going to paint. I bought the primer at Sherwin Williams. It turned out really well.

    • Melody Warren
      on Sep 11, 2016

      The cabinets in my mobile are vinyl covered also. I have asked several times just what to do with them and keep getting. the same answer... chalk paint. The other thing is the need for a primer. I plan on doing mine after the first of the year. Just another idea for you.

    • TMP
      on Sep 11, 2016

      I was a professional painter for 15 years. The key to painting anything is preparation. First step- using 150 grit sandpaper, sand every surface you want to paint. Second step- clean every bit of dust or grime off. Third- TWO coats primer. I like a product called UVA, but Kilz works well also. Fourth- at least three coats paint. Some people think two is fine, but trust me. That third coat makes all the difference. Especially for countertops and cabinetry that get a lot of use. Last- sealer. This is the most important step. Think of it as the clear top coat over your nail polish when you go to the nail salon. Without the top coat, the finish will chip and wear down much faster.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      I agree with TMP but to tell you the truth I didn't do that many layers. I cleaned with TSP, rinsed (wiped with clean cloth), sanded, dusted with damp clean cloth, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. The colour I chose is light and needs cleaning often. It is holding up fine but a clear coat would be of definite benefit (Saskatoon berry jam stains lol). I keep a small amount of paint in a baby food jar with a small flat paint brush nearby. If I can't wipe the mess off I touch up. I've attached a close up picture of the cabinet before I painted. I think it is the same as what you describe. I have extra doors now from taking them off the shelving unit and am storing them in case one of the ones I have falls apart. If you are planning on renovating and hoping it to last another 10 years definitely do all the coats and clear coat. If you are just trying to get a few more years of of your kitchen decide if it's work the extra work. Good luck and have fun with it. Don't try to do it all in one week. It's going to take time and that's ok :)

    • Marilyn Weaver
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Thanks everyone, now I feel empowered :)

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Woot, you can do it Marilyn!

  • Joyricks298
    on Sep 12, 2016

    Our double wide has textured walls (really ugly in the kitchen). Same print in in utility room. Can they be painted? I would LOVE a neutral solid color.

    • KC
      on Sep 12, 2016

      What type of texture? Are the walls covered with typical vinyl like printed wall panels that are the norm for most mobile homes? Is the "texture" a subtle one meaning it isn't really that raised up? I painted the entire kitchen and adjacent laundry room of my 2001 manufactured home with 3 coats of Glidden satin paint and they came out beautifully. Make sure you let them thoroughly dry in between coats. I waited 2 days in between coats and I painted in the winter. No humidity. I've wiped off splatters with a sponge and the paint has remained with no problems.

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 12, 2016

      Joy I think you can paint absolutely anything these days, the primers are so good! Do you have a picture? I'm wondering if it's textured wallpaper or more of a spackled texture on the drywall? If it's wallpaper I would suggest removing it. You can go to your local paint and wallpaper store and they will tell you the best way for that particular paper. Some do better with a spray bottle of water, some with steam. I'm not going to lie it's work getting wall paper off but in the end with a little sanding, priming and painting you can have the beautiful walls you dream of! If you are unsure find a inconspicuous space (behind the oven) and try taking off a piece. Use a untility knife to cut a square about 3"X3" then use a sponge to get the paper wet, next use a putty knife to see if it lifts off. You should be able to lift one corner and peel it or you may have to gently scrape it up (like burnt on eggs in a frying pan ;) You can also try painting an area and see if you like that look. My steps to painting are cleaning with TSP (follow directions on container), use an appropriate primer and then 2-3 coats of paint depending on tone you are using. I like Behr products for paint. They have great coverage and last in can for years for touch ups. The paint and primer in one is great on already painted surfaces but to cover wallpaper you will need a good primer first. You can buy sample cans in these products to try them out so you aren't putting out a big investment until you know they work. The texture might not be so bad once it's cleanned up with a nice paint job and as you add coats of paint it will fill in some of the texture and make it more subtle. I would love to see pictures of what you find and also answer any more questions you have. Good luck and be fearless, what's the worse that could happen? Someone will come to clean behind your stove and see a square of missing paper and a square of paint? lol

    • Sue Shankland
      on Sep 14, 2016

      I've painted all the rooms in my mobile. We used Kilz primer first and then Kilz paint.

    • Maggie Connor
      on Oct 5, 2016

      Michelle, A+mazing! I love your colors and am just floored by how nice it all came out. God luck in your new place. I know whoever is lucky enough to move in will appreciate all your efforts and keen eye!

  • She6596483
    on Sep 12, 2016

    Was the kitchen cabinets wood or laminate ? I have a 10 yr old home with laminate cabinets any idea how to paint them?

    • MichelleB
      on Sep 12, 2016

      They are laminate, if you scroll up you will see the answers to the questions you have. Good luck!

    • A Rudolph
      on Sep 12, 2016

      Sherwin Williams sales a paint for laminate cabinets

    • Marti Jo
      on Sep 14, 2016

      Home Depot also has an excellent paint for laminate.

  • Nanalinny
    on Sep 24, 2016

    Anyway you can explain the way you made the rustic doors?

    • MichelleB
      on Oct 15, 2016

      I used a big table to layout the wood that I had squared up on my table saw. I then used strips that I had ripped down to add as a frame. I tried two ways. One was a lot of glue between the joints and screws through the back side of the door into the frame. The other was cross bracing on the back side. Again lots of glue. The cross braced one is stronger but with all the shelves in the way it would have been a lot harder to cross brace the other. I bought extra strong magnetic closures for the book shelf door. And a clip in closure for the pantry. Hope that helps. I don't do thing conventionally I just sort of trial and error my way through so not always easy to explain.

  • Stella Jane
    on Oct 8, 2016

    I wonder about the front door. Lovely...we can not seem to locate doors that fit our mobile home other than same style as original. Can you share where that was purchased, please?

    • MichelleB
      on Oct 15, 2016

      I found mine in Home Depot in Canada. I didn't just replace the door but bought the whole pre-hung kit. Removed the old base and fit the new one into the opening. I couldn't find an exact match to the old door either (size wise).

    • Jun7497563
      on Nov 2, 2016

      We go to Mobile Home Depot They have the special sizes we need

    • Sherri Horton Michelotti
      on Dec 28, 2016

      I also bought mine at Home Depot, South Jersey. It went in quite easy.

    • Pamela
      on Jan 5, 2017

      We go to Menard's . they carry a lot of mobile home stuff

    • Kathy
      on Feb 21, 2017

      I miss Menards

    • Luanne
      on Mar 2, 2017

      Thank you for sharing. I'm in the process of remodeling my mobile home and was wondering if it was going to be a waste of time but I can see now it's not. However, I'm making my own doors through out the house. I just can't afford the cost any other way. Windows, I'll probably have to do a bank loan. Can't make em put I know I can put them in myself. Its amazing how poorly a mobile home is built behind the walls. Lol

    • Luanne
      on Mar 2, 2017

      Thank you for sharing. I'm in the process of remodeling my mobile home and was wondering if it was going to be a waste of time but I can see now it's not. However, I'm making my own doors through out the house. I just can't afford the cost any other way. Windows, I'll probably have to do a bank loan. Can't make em put I know I can put them in myself. Its amazing how poorly a mobile home is built behind the walls. Lol

    • Denise
      on Mar 14, 2017

      As we have gone through our singlewide mobile home (1973) over the years, we removed the paneling and replaced it with 3/8 inch plywood. We made sure to put in 2 x 4s alongside the original framing for more support. We have replaced large areas of floor as other owners let the roof leak into the walls without repairing it. We repaired the whole roof and gave it 6 coats of new roof coating with fiber. People cannot believe how much we have done and how nice it looks. I hated the old total green interior. Paint and new vinyl stick flooring has made a big difference. You did a wonderful job with your home. Congratulations!

    • Dee Simmons
      on Mar 27, 2017

      We bought a mobile home a few years ago and have been remodeling it room by room. Last year we replaced all the windows and new front door. This year we are getting ready to gut the kitchen and replace it all. We are doing all the work ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration. I now feel like we should be able to handle the task without any problems.

    • Marilyn L. Norris
      on Jun 3, 2017

      Oh Thank you for the inspiration. I moved into a 16 x 80 (2003) mobile home and am replacing and up-dating little by little. Its slow but worth it. My next project is the kitchen cabinets. I want the faux marble look for counter tops.
      I hate carpet and want to replace it with something, but unsure of what as budget is tight.
      I am 70 and just take my time....Oh well, its fun and exercise.
      Thank you again.

    • Daw25173600
      on Jul 17, 2017

      Marilyn, I removed all the carpet and vinyl had really pretty plywood floors so I stained them and put 4 coats of polyurethane on them they looked so good. its been 5 yrs and I do dog rescuers so I always have several dogs running around that sometimes have accidents, they still look awesome
  • Staysa Yell
    on Dec 28, 2016

    What kind of tile did you use for the backsplash? I've heard regular tiles would be too heavy but hate the look of the faux tiles I've seen.

    • Joye R. Foster
      on Jan 29, 2017

      For a really easy tile job, look for tile that has the mesh backing holding multiple tiles together. They usually come in 12" X 12" pieces. I have used heavy tiles without problems.

  • Larrisa
    on Jul 6, 2017

    Did you already have drywall? Or did you replace mobile home walls and drywall?
    • Bj Moore
      on Sep 30, 2017

      It looks like all the strips are still on the walls, just painted over. They did a good job.
  • Cynthia
    on Aug 1, 2017

    First let me say that I love your kitchen, I want to paint my cabinets black. I live in a mobile home also, I wanted to ask about painting the walls. Mine are drywall with flowers not sure if it's made that way or if it's wallpaper, so I want to paint over them but I have all of the strips covering the gaps between sheets, did she just paint over them it looks like it? I was told to take the strips off fill the gaps, sand smooth then paint, but there are so many gaps. Does it look okay up close, I am scared they would irritate me. I have only seen one MH with painted walls and it looked cheap painting over the strips. I wanted to say I can't see yours up close but it looks very pretty from what I can see. I would be appreciative of any info you can give me.
    Thank you
    • Lynn Melton Dugger
      on Aug 14, 2017

      We're painting a mobile home now. We took the strips off and did fille with tape/bedding. We did several coats and allowed to dry overnight between each one. Instead of sanding, I used a big flat sponge and went horizontally across the seam from ceiling to floor until it was smooth. Be very careful, as the water will completely wipe the mud off. After wiping it down, we waited about two hours then painted. It's a little work, but so worth it. Looks so much better!!
  • Ash6104213
    on Sep 27, 2017

    How did you build the doors?
  • Din22206010
    on Oct 9, 2017

    We live in a mobile home also. We pulled up the carpet(I hate carpet)in the living room. Under it was this board, similar to particle board. Can that be painted and sealed and left that way? Thank you, Linda(
    • Sha31780789
      on Nov 19, 2017

      I am wanting to do the same thing to my living room floors, did you ever get an answer, or did you go ahead and give it a try.
    • Din22206010
      on Nov 19, 2017

      No, I never got an answer and I don’t want to try without someone else’s advice.
    • Barbara
      on Dec 3, 2017

      If your particle board is from 1986, I think using a sealer on it may not work as I personally know that the particle board disinegrates over time. We are replacing the floors in our 1986 Oak Creek mobile home by applying one-half inch plywood over the particle board using screws into the joists and then finishing with vinyl tiles. It is alot of work, but this is one project we won't have to redo in a few years.
    • Barb Dauber
      on Jun 18, 2018

      Grandpa had some flooring like particle board in his mobile home. Over a weekend he was away, the hot water heater sprung a leak and the flooring between the kitchen and bedroom disintegrated. When he came home and discovered it, it was like walking on the floor studs, Horrible stuff. We had to gut both rooms and put in solid plywood. But it gave us an opportunity to use Low-E Insulation under the plywood. His little place was so much warmer with that and new carpet.

  • Francis Andrews
    on Dec 11, 2017

    What manufacturer and year model is your home? I like that floorplan and always looking for one.
  • Tony
    on Jan 24, 2018

    Just wondering about the cabinets...were they the typical mobile home cabinet like I have that basically the finish that is applied by the manufacturer is almost like paper. Did you sand it all the way down before painting or just rough it up and put your new paint on. I'm concerned about peeling paint
    • Sarah Crabtree Kingsbury
      on Jul 18, 2018

      Was wondering the same. Would love to see a response.

    • Megan McFarland
      on Sep 4, 2018

      I just finished my cabinets which had that ugly plastic coating on them.. Took off all the handles and everything.. from there I took my hair dryer and warmed up the plastic stuff and boom it started peeling right off... No issues with glue only on a few and took a sand block and finished the rest.. came out amazing!

    • Judy Nolin
      on Oct 25, 2018


      I'm going to do this..

  • Lucia Dodson
    on Jul 17, 2018

    Love what you did to your mobile home. A few years ago, I purchased a used mobile home that required some major work. However, I'm having trouble finding the materials (for examples: doors, windows, cabinets, etc.) that fit in a mobile home. I’ve checked Lowes, Home Depot even Amazon and had no luck.

    Everything I purchase, I am having to return it back to the store, because it not material made to not to be used or for replacing in a mobile home. It's so frustrating, that I wish I would never have bought a mobile home.

    Would you be able to the suggestion a place where someone can purchase material to use to remodel mobile homes? Any information you can share would be very helpful.

    • Chrystal Andersen
      on Jul 21, 2018

      I don't know where you are located but, there are several Mobile Home Depots around the country. Slightly more expensive, but they may have what you need :-)

    • Sharon Gray
      on Jul 30, 2018

      I live in a mobile in Florida and had my windows replaced by a firm called Weathertight. They manufacture the windows. They did a wonderful job and look great. We got a special price when they put them on sale.

    • Hercules
      on Aug 1, 2018

      Just bought a new exterior door for our mobile home at Home Depot. It was considered a special order and took a few weeks to get after we ordered it. They sid not carry the size in stock.

    • Tre28477054
      on Aug 21, 2018

      Look online for surplus warehouse we found one in our area and we found doors, windows, cabinets and good quality prices are cheaper than big stores

    • Lucia Dodson
      on Aug 21, 2018

      Thank you all for your feed back. I do appreciate it. I'm going to do some checking online to see if their are any surplus ware house in my area or around my area.

    • Sus33815202
      on Sep 3, 2018

      In palatka fl we have a mobile home store. You can buy doors, windows etc.

    • Heartbeat
      on Sep 20, 2018

      Many times you may need to reframe the opening a few inches bigger or smaller to make the new windows fit

    • Linda
      on Sep 27, 2018

      Hi Lucia, I own a 20 yr. old 1&1/2 wide, and I’ve replaced windows (garage sale), doors (Home Depot/Loews, yard sale), floors (Home Depot), ceiling fans/lighting (Home Depot, yard sale), appliances (Best Buy, Loews), sinks & plumbing kitchen/bathroom (Home Depot) get the picture. I’m not sure why the items you saw had labels saying not for mobile homes. Whoever has what I want - yard sale, antique store, Habitat Resale, Craig’s List, or big box diy store, I take it home and put it in. If it requires “making it fit”, I get a handyman who is 1. Good, 2. Brave, 3. If possible, has worked on/lived in a mobile home. I’ve found that the telephone guy or the folks who planted the home are good for recommending someone. I say the phone guy because he lives out here, whereas the delivery/mailman doesn’t. There are handyman ads at the post office, too. You just have to know where wires are and how much weight your floors and cabinet boxes can hold when remodeling. If they can’t hold what you want, shore it up.

      Our exterior doors are regular home size. We had to cut the opening a bit bigger, which I wanted anyhow, and taller too. The outlet wires near the door had to be pushed up about an inch or three to the very top of the space. There was plenty of wire to do this. My interior doors I replaced with sliding barn doors I made myself, same with the window coverings- sliding doors mounted with barn door mountings with the wall reinforced with wood. When we put up shiplap, we installed 2x4’s at builder distances eg: so many inches apart.

      Everything in a mobile home can be painted - yes, even the walls and ceilings. Just wash it first, and for the cabinets, put a primer on made especially for difficult surfaces. Use the best paint you can afford.

      Be brave and jump in! Hope this helps. Lin

      I’ve included a photo of the shiplap.

    • Edyie Curley Sweet
      on Oct 5, 2018

      I love it All!! One question..... will you be my sister?! Lol

    • Sally Frazier
      on Nov 28, 2018

      There are Mobile home depots across the country, and the pricing is not that different from buying for a conventional home. And sometimes, these products are on sale just like any other home center. You can also go online to purchase mobile home products so there should never be a problem locating what ever you need.

    • Nell goshorn
      on Dec 4, 2018

      if you live in Indiana there are stores around shipshawana area that have these things for Mobil homes.

    • Beverly A. Hampt
      on Dec 8, 2018

      OMG. Love love what you did. Wish I were younger and more energic!! You would have inspired me.

    • Barbara
      on Dec 9, 2018

      Find a mobile home supply store in your area or look online for mobile home supplies. They carry the exact sizes yo y need to replace and repair mobile home components.

    • April Brown
      on Feb 7, 2019

      I had this problem when needing to replace things in my dad's double wide. I went online and searched out Mobile Home **** for whatever I was looking for and found exact replacements. some came from Walmart warehouses as they do not carry them in the stores.

    • NotHermione
      on Feb 8, 2019

      You have to find someone to work on your place outside of home improvement stores. Home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot are not allowed to work on mobile homes for liability reasons. Is there a mobile home park near you? They undoubtedly have a list of repair persons/companies that could help with both install and item purchase.

    • Mary
      on Feb 19, 2019

      I've found Lowe's will be able to order what you need. Just find someone who has been there awhile.

    • Jo Ann Myers
      on Feb 23, 2019

      Mobile home place where they sell homes. That is what I did when I had a mobile home. I bought windows and put them in my self. I asked how to do it. They were very helpful. That was a few years ago. Don’t know how that is today.

    • Judy Boyer
      on Feb 25, 2019

      Home Depot ordered windows & doors for my mobile home and it is a '77 model, and they installed them. Some things for a house can be used just be careful with the measurements.

    • Tom Ivey
      on Mar 29, 2019

      Yes you can. I gave my kitchen a redo also

    • Debra Wood
      on Mar 30, 2019

      I live in a small town in Georgia, we have a store that sells everything you would need for a mobile home. They sell cabinets, doors, tubs, sinks. The prices are great. Why don't you google mobile home supplies and see if you have one in your area. Good luck.

    • Connie
      on Apr 28, 2019 and

      locally we have Jack's mobile homes supply.

  • Marilyn Tate Houser
    on Sep 30, 2018

    My kitchen cabinet have paper over ( i am going to say ) Presswood. Can I paint them like you did yours?

    • Kathy
      on Dec 8, 2018

      Our cabinets are also paper wrapped. I painted the oak color with white enamel in the laundry area. It turned out great.

    • Judi
      on Dec 29, 2018

      I am also renovating a mobile home. After doing some research I primed

      the presswood cabinets with Zinsser Primer and then painted with Acrylic

      paint. Good Luck.

    • Onwingandhoof
      on Dec 30, 2018

      Mine too were the papered press board. I removed all the doors and hardware. I painted everything in the Rust-oleaum linen white chalk paint. This was a good paint because there was no sanding to prep. I did fill and sand all the holes where the old hardware was. Then put in the new hardware just above where the old hinges were. I wanted a farmhouse look so I used a wet cloth to make 'wear' on the edges. I finished everything with General Finishes top coat flat out flat to seal it all.

    • Deanna Robertshaw
      on Jan 21, 2019

      Yes, you can paint that nadty paper topped trailer presswood. Get the best primer for the job. Our area is damp i cleaned them with cleaning vinegar to get rid of any residues(some people use amonia and others rubbing alcohol) use your fave method just clean and dry thoroughly. Removing the doors and hardwares. I start with. Taping around & priming the trims with Kilz acrylic not laytex and the cabinet cases then do the doors i used a small 6 "Roller-Lite for nearly all of it! And a 2" chisel tip trim brush. (Get a good brush an roller, they'll last several jobs if you clean them out) when all dry, paint on your color , again used a good paint did not use latex, as it sticks when humid used acrylic. I finish coated with satin and has been wearing well for almost 4years

  • Candice
    on Dec 2, 2018

    Can you tell me the dimensions of your closet by the door? It's such a great way to organize the clutter of coming and going. I would love to build something similar in the mobile home I'm renovating.

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  • Teri
    on Mar 17, 2019

    Wow, what a wonderful redo!!. I love the taupe walls with the black and white.

  • Lovesunique
    on Apr 29, 2019

    Lots of ideas here. Really nice; very nice.

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