Love Me Leaf Me (or ‘we Don’ Need No Stinkin Blooms)

Don’t get me wrong, I mean ya’ll all know how much I love me some hydrangea, and camellias and roses…yes and ..annual flowers. But sometimes justthe comely shape of a leaf and sheer lusciousness of a leaf color can be downright seductive. The rugged texture of branch and trunk gives us the feelingtimelessness in the garden surrounding us, strong and enduring. When designinga garden these features often come into their own as the design matures, it isthat ahhh moment that gives a designer pure pleasure. This is what you experience wander through elegant botanical gardens that make youfeel that indescribable harmony with that which surrounds you. Nature almost balanced, and yet untamed.
What do you grow thatisn’t about the bloom at all?

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